You have to be living under a rock to not notice a ton of women taking the plunge and trying the dark lip trend this Winter. Some of us have even tried a black lip, and to our surprise, it looks pretty darn feirce. If you want to try the black lip trend we have a few suggestions that you might want to consider.

1. You can rock black nude as an alternative

If you want to try nude black/black nude, all you have to do is use a black liner on your lips first, over the liner, add your favorite nude lip. Its a subtle take on the ‘all the way black’.


2. Try a purple black lip

If you do not want to go so dark, then you can try a purple black lip, its still dark but has enough color to keep things less harsh.


3. Get glossy sometimes

If you aren’t afraid of a little dark and glossy, go for it!. Glossy can be super sexy and chic when done right. All you have to do is keep the rest of your make up very light and pull your hair back.


4. Do not do goth

Goth is so 90’s, try to keep things subtly around your dark lip, just so that it balances out and your look is still soft-ish.

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5. The darker your skin the deeper the pigment

Do not be afraid to wear super dark colors on deeper skin tones. The look is absolutely flawless when done right, we say try it just once yourself to determine if your like it.


6. Wear it casual

Sometimes it can be hard to determine what to do with the rest of your look when wearing a dark lip. If done right it does not always have to be worn at glamorous event. You can totally rock it casually.


7. You need little to no eye shadow

If you are going to wear eye shadow, make sure the tones are nude, subtle and very close to your skin tone, let the black lip live.

Have you tried a dark lipstick yet?

7 Things You Should Know About Rocking A Black Lipstick Shade


Have you tried the black lip yet? Well if you haven’t here are 7 things you should know when rocking a black or dark lipstick shade.

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