I wont even lie, this post was inspired by a Youtube video done by the one and only SeniorGumBoy, who is a YouTube personality from the Caribbean. The guys explored the top signs that will tell a guy that a girl is way too young for them, other than the obvious legal age limit.

If you a guy who grew up in the nineties, this post is specifically aimed at you! Here are 14 ways you can know that a girl is way too young for you, some of them overlap with the fellas in the video, lets go.

1. If she combines letters, numbers, symbols and two letter words in her text messages

hy r u cmin @ 8 2nite – yea bruh she is way too young for you

2. If she is clubbing twice a week – I had to agree with the guys on this one, if she has the time to club twice a week, she is way too young

3. She has no idea who the Thundercats are – yup, tsk tsk


4. She never owned a Walkman – yea baby she is too young

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5. She has no idea what a Razor phone is


6. She gets totally turned on from hickies – umm yea!

7. She never had a MySpace – If FB was her first social Network, then umm she might be too young


8. If she has a fake ID – mmm mmm bruh, too young

10. She has to ask her parents to go out

11. She has no idea what a payphone is, or even how to use it.

12. She has no idea what the “butterfly” is, but she can Nae Nae all day long

13. All her perfumes have glitter in them and smell like gum


14. She still has a ton of teddy bears on her bed – She can have one, maybe

Well that’s it, how do you know when a girl is way too young for you?

14 Ways to know a girl is too young for you


See 14 ways to test if your girlfriends is way too young for you.

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