I am all for a fancy pants workouts, bring on the elliptical, the stair climber, I might even do a little tennis, but some of us like to keep things a bit simple and still meet our goals.

The other day I was listening to Yo Elliot and if you do not know who he is, check him out on YouTube, he gives amazing fitness advice to over 1 million followers and he has the body to back up everything he says.

There was a guy who wanted to know what he could do for fat loss, he was already strong as hec but couldn’t seem to shed the fat.

To my surprise, muscled up Elliot suggested that he walked for an hour. What? Walk? No bike? No Elliptical?

Nope he said get an Ipod play an audio book and go for a leisure stroll outside for an hour.

Of course we wont just take Elliot’s word for it, if you ask anyone how they shed the excess weight more than likely most of them will mention walking.

If you still aren’t convinced here are 8 reasons walking is the ultimate cardio exercise

1. It improves muscle endurance as well as strength especially in your lower body

2. It is a great cardio exercise that can boost circulation and great for your bones

3. You can avoid more injury than you would if you jogged

4. Power walking is the equivalent to jogging or even running

5. It prevents varicose veins

6. Walking at a consistent speed can cleanse your tissues and drain liquid  from the lower legs

7. You will put less stress on the spine area of your body

8. Very effective for long term weight loss

If those 8 things aren’t convincing enough well the only thing I can do is vouch for it myself and say walking is the best thing for weight loss for me in my own experience.

To start I mapped out a 3 mile route, because for me walking the track in circles was the worse thing psychologically.

I walk on the days I do not lift and I always had my Ipod or phone with a book or music. Just walking for me is easy because I get my cardio in, I am doing something I love and I get to listen to something awesome. What about you? Has walking helped with your weight loss.




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