You know that guy in the gym, the one that annoys you to death and swear he doing something by advising you on your every move? Here are 8 things guys do in the gym, that can drive a girl absolutely bananas.

1. Need a spot?


Did I ask you for a spot? Why would I need you to spot me with the lightest weight in the gym? Furthermore, I don’t feel like being hugged by a sweaty stranger today.


2. four -ten men on one machine with 4 minutes rest between each set

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This is the most ridiculous thing a bunch of men can do at the gym. What is the point of group exercise on one machine. If it isn’t Zumba, you really should allow other people to use the machine.

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3. Yelling


There is no need to yell so loudly to prove that you are the strongest man on the planet, all it does is frighten everyone, and yelling does not help you to lift any better.


4. Flirting


There are some women who do come to the gym to catch the eye of a guy, but believe it or not, most women want to get in and get out with no interruptions. Flirting is such a turn off when you are trying to get something done.


5. Singing loudly


Yes, if you have headphones on, you might not be able to hear yourself sing so, you have no idea how loudly you are singing.

The rule of thumb is, if you are singing aloud consciously, then chances are you are singing louder than you imagine, which can be a tad bit annoying.


6. Not using a towel



This is just gross, and if you do not have a towel, you should at least wipe down the area where you were so that the next person doesn’t have to do it for you. Towels help to protect the seats and benches, from germs.


7. Volunteering your training services in a forceful way



Yes you might know more than me when it comes to working out, but if I do not ask for your services, please do not offer it.

Now there is nothing wrong with making a suggestion that can help a person who might hurt themself or suggesting a better way of doing something. The way you do it, is what makes all the difference in the world, especially when it was not solicited.


8. Telling me I shouldn’t lift too much


*rolling Eyes* Ok, thanks for the opinion! sigh

8 Things Guys Do In The Gym That Us Girls Hate And What To Avoid


Do you know any annoying guys at the gym. This post gives 8 things girls absolutely hate that guys do at the gym and what they should avoid.

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