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Author: Vanessa

Lupita Nyong’o headed To The Off-Broadway Stage To Star In ‘Eclipsed’

Ok so we all loved Lupita in her Oscar winning performance in 12 Years a Slave, and I’m not sure if you have heard that she will also be in the new Star Wars movie. But more recently the Public Theatre released that she will be taking the NYC stage by storm this fall as she will headline the New York premiere of Eclipsed. This is actually the first time she will be hitting the New York theatre scene and will be debuting as the star of a powerful war-drama play, Eclipsed, written by Danai Gurira. You may know Gurira as the incredible sword slinging actress who plays Michonne in The Walking Dead. What you may not know is that she has also been an active playwright for over a decade! The Off Broadway production is directed by South African born, Liesl Tommy. It is set in 1993 covering conflicts of post-colonial Africa during the time of the Liberian Civil War. It centers around four women who are held captive and serve as wives of a rebel officer who is fighting the government. They ultimately are forced to find a means of survival, support each other and examine their strength along the way. “A feminist reading of the Liberian Civil War, a war that was ended by women, Eclipsed is both heart-breaking and profoundly life-affirming. We are delighted to...

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Popular Afrocentric Jewelry Label Rachel Stewart Shutting Down Due To Chinese Plagiarism

Being an entrepreneur and doing what you love is exciting. But what if your passion, hard work and originality is constantly being imitated and stealing your business? Well that is currently one of the issues popular Black jewelry designer, Rachel Stewart, is facing that is ultimately trying to put her out of business. The North Carolina designer started Rachel Stewart Jewelry after being laid off of a job and wanted to find a means of supporting her family that she was more in control of. She has now been creating original beautiful afrocentric pieces and selling them on her...

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What’s the Hype About Strobing? And Why You Should Try This New Makeup Trend

We all know or have at least heard the ins and outs about contouring through use of darker and lighter colors to shape and mold our faces to “perfection.” The darker shades adds depth to your face while lighter shades make features more pronounced and highlighted. I mean who doesn’t love an instant 30 second nose job? Well move over contouring, theres a new trend in style. What is strobing? When you think of strobing the first thing that probably comes to mind is strobe lights. Essentially that is what strobing is; lighting certain areas of your face for...

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