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Author: Vanessa

I Can’t Believe The Entire Mall Saw My Boobs

Fun Fact: I used to model for a small modeling troupe as a hobby. It was fun to walk the runway, do creative shows, and occasionally pose as mannequins for some of my favorite retailers. While I didn’t get paid for any of the gigs, I did receive a lot of exposure and occasionally got freebies. One time my troupe took an assignment one Saturday to model the clothing at the store Wet Seal. We were instructed to stand on the platforms in front of the store and serve as live mannequins. The store was positioned in the lower level...

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How Did I End Up Dating Not One But Two Men Who Had Secret Lives Overseas?

Dating can be tricky at times. Getting sucked in to the idea of someone being your prince charming when they paint a picture of perfection can happen. But what if everything he told you was a lie and he is in fact living a secret life? Well tell me how that happened to me not once but twice?! I met Guy #1 back in college at a club. He had just gotten back to the states after playing professional basketball overseas for 3 years. He was 6’10 with beautiful brown skin and a nice smile. Weakness! We had great...

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My Coworker Was Completely Oblivious That Her Comment Was Racist

Being a minority in the workplace is tough as it is. Having to deal with the invisible double standard or feeling like you have to work twice as hard to get the same recognition sucks. What’s worse is having to listen to sly comments that can come off as a little racist. For a little backstory of myself, I work in a field that is dominated by caucasians. I have always been the minority. Take my last 3 places of employment for example, I was the only African American in the entire companies. In my current job there’s a...

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The Moment I Stopped Caring About My Body Image

I’m slim. Not skinny, Slim. Honestly, I hate the word skinny. It’s so condescending and sounds like someone is literally just…skin. I’ve had a small frame all my life and constantly have struggled with body image and self acceptance. Even up to the middle of last year I was on a weight-gain/get thick diet plan. I can recall my 8th grade “boyfriend” telling me that I needed to eat more biscuits and gravy because it helps girls to develop. So guess what I did? I went home and asked my mother to make me biscuits and gravy. Ha! What...

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How I Was Able To Afford A Trip To Hawaii Without A Job

Dear Urban Gyal life can really suck sometimes but there is always a silver lining! Remember when I shared with you with how I was laid off in summer of 2015 well I think I have to add that I didn’t let my circumstances halt my life and I didn’t miss out on an opportunity to travel to one of the most beautiful islands of the U.S., Hawaii. One of my best girlfriends picked up her life and moved to Hawaii a little over a year ago. Her husband is in the army and his current orders are stationed...

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