10947251_10205967825337853_8082803452268161785_nYesterday there was a picture on Instagram posted by a mother who has built her social media and personality around the fact that she is a fit mom. She is an average height woman, with a muscular ‘fit’ figure and she got in trouble for posting a picture of herself and her children with a caption “what’s your excuse?”


Most people called her out for fat shaming, saying it is perfectly ok to have curves and not be muscular if you choose to be.

This morning I saw the featured picture on Facebook, and most of the women were praising Miss Diva Kurves on the cover of the magazine for her fabulous curves and tiny waist.

The opinions on what both women should look like are all varied. Men and women will tell you they prefer a slim fit build with others will tell you, I need a woman with curves, yes she can have muscles but she must feel and ‘look’ like a woman.

If you listen to opinion, it can get confusing and crazy, even cause full on brawls because there really is no conclusion to a debate that quite frankly should not be based on looks alone.

Can a woman be thick and curvy and still be healthy? The answer is yes, it isn’t based on the size of her waist line or the fullness of her hips, it is based on her internal health and mind set point blank.

Nobody likes to be called ‘fat’ or ‘obese’ these terms are often used in the medical field to describe someone that does not fit the criteria specified on BMI charts or even for someone who needs to do something about their weight before things like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer become a problem.

Here are 3 reasons, that despite what you look like, you will need to reduce your weight