So if you are like me and you are a little thick in the hips then perhaps you have the same issue I have with finding clothes that fit precisely the way I want them to. With that said, in all my years of shopping I have learned a few things and picked up some tips along the way.

Don’t buy cheap

I don’t bother buying cheap clothes anymore because I find that the investment is worth it for outfits that fit right. What I hate more than anything is getting the shirt I want only to have my washer kill it in the rinse cycle! So yes quality is a must.You can justify spending the extra dough if you know you are buying quality and it will last.

Stock up on basics

Stock up on solid color shirts white, black and gray and then accessorize them with scarf’s, jewelry and different sweaters.  If you have a well fitting pair of pants you can wear a looser shirt and still have a great outfit. You don’t need a completely tailored outfit to look competent on the job.

Pay attention to which size fits you and not what size you wish you were if the 20 fits better forget trying to buy the 18’s. Which brings me to my next tip!

Use the dressing room

Try everything on!!!! Know which size in which store you are. Some stores run small some run bigger so to be safe, just try it on and see how it looks and feels. Nobody likes running back and forth to the store for returns, so if you have an opportunity to try stuff on, take it!.

Order online wisely

I’ve realized that stores don’t usually have many bigger sizes in stock so I’m a big fan of ordering on line as long as I know the store well and the return policy because once in a while there are issues.

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I once drove to a specialty store in the next state because the return policy was some crazy 15 day rule and the mail wouldn’t have shipped it in time for a refund. Dont do that!

Try a specialty store

There are more stores that are popping up that are exclusively catering to us big girls and again some have a strong online presence if not a physical store near you.

Some stores will even let your trade in your old clothes in exchange for credit towards new buys.  You can be stylish and sassy you don’t have to settle for clothes that don’t fit and don’t look good.

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