Celebrities like having privacy in their weddings, which is why they tend to get married in remote places or only announce their wedding after it’s done. In fact, the latter is just what Brangelina have did getting married over the weekend and letting the world know afterwards.

As for Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, they want you to know about their wedding; but if you’re not attending, that’s all you’re going to know. The couple have taken measures to ensure their wedding remains secret.

How? By giving all the attendees a contract which demands complete silence about everything they see or hear that day. People who violate the contract will face harsh measures in form of cash fines. No one, except for the two, is an exception; not relatives, vendors, guests, caterers, photographers, and probably not even pets.

In addition, guests are barred from bringing cameras or cell phones to the wedding. Unless the cameramen are exempted, this could be the first wedding in over a century to take place without any photographic memorabilia. If a unique wedding is what Gabrielle and Dwayne are going for, this will probably do the trick.

The wedding is certain to include professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities, and these are not exactly sworn-to-secrecy kind of people. Getting everyone to be quiet will be a tall order.

However, what’s most likely is the pair want to have exclusive photos of the event so they can sell it to the highest-bidding magazine. This wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity couple has done this, and it makes sense.

However, the two aren’t exactly the most popular of superstars, so it’ll be a bit tough to find a magazine that cares enough to pay them what they want. After all, not everyone is dying to know what happens at their wedding, and they are taking themselves way too seriously.

 In any case, two people in love are getting married, so they deserve all the happiness they can get. Whether or not we know what happens at the wedding, the important thing is they are together.

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Update, here is a beautiful video of the wedding:

Featured image: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

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