Understanding men’s intentions may be hard at times. Considering women’s analyzing every single word that comes out of men’s mouth, it can be really challenging. In today’s world, much of our communication is in social media and that complicates things even more.

“Oh, he liked my photo. I think he likes me.” “He added me on snapchat, what is he trying to say?” These are the questions most women asks themselves and their gal pals.

We prepared a guide to ease your pain and save you a lot of time and energy to decrypt social media behaviour of a new men in your life.

What if he adds you on Facebook right after the first date

He might want to know everything about you.

The fact that he is an active Facebook user and chose Facebook to follow you first, he may introduce you to his family after fifth date.

Facebook has lost its popularity among young adults and became a media to reach out to family and relatives. Probably, he is the lamest guy you can find.

If he follows you on Instagram first

He wants to keep in touch with you by seeing you everyday. Considering, most people wake up, pick up their phones and check Instagram even before the morning coffee, he wants to see what you are up to, where you go, who you are with.

After he follows, if he likes your latest photo, he likes you and trying to show you that. If he likes more than one photo of you or all of them, he is really into you and he is not trying to be cool and play games.

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If he adds you on Snapchat

He may be into cyber-sex. Or he just wants to see what you share in your story. But be careful, after you add each other on Snapchat. If he sends a shirtless selfie, he most probably wants you to show you boobs.

Following on twitter

It’s a little bit irrelevant right now but he wants to hear what you have to say on twitter.

Keep these tips in mind and remember that men can be hard to understand sometimes. Stalk him, turn on notifications for him on Instagram and Twitter, but play cool, don’t like his every post immediately. Observe his usual behaviour when it comes to you posts and like accordingly.

Share your tips and thoughts on the comments section below.

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