Most times, people take exercise as a way of improving their health and well-being, but, it does not just stop there. Exercise can improve every area of your life, particularly the relationship with your partner, co-workers and family members.

In this post, we are going to be looking at the benefits of improving your relationship with exercise. They are as follows;

Exercise makes the relationship with your partner to be happier and satisfying:

According to the report of Psychology Today, engaging in an exercise with your partner can create the feeling of a shared experience, which helps to make couples be more in love with their partner and to feel more satisfied with their relationships.

Exercise helps to boost motivation:

Samantha Smith, an ACE certified personal trainer at Balanced Fitness & Health in San Diego, explained that it is hard to flake on a workout when your partner is going to the gym. “If you motivate each other and set goals together, it will be difficult to say ‘no’ to a workout if your partner is meeting their goals before you. This friendly competition creates a game of fitness of who is more fit and active, making the relationship to be more exciting.

Exercise increases endorphins:

Samantha Smith says that “science has this proof that during exercise, a happiness-inducing neurotransmitter called dopamine is released. There’s no better time to be with your partner other than when two of you are happy.

Exercise Increases Social Happiness

Exercise can be fun and social.  Introduce backyard games into your hangout time with friends and it’s a great way to get moving around, exercising, but having a blast at the same time.  Some of my favorite games are spikeball, kanjam, ladderball, or bocce.

Exercise enhances your performance in the bedroom:

According to Mike Riordan, the founder of Fit Tours NYC, a company that offers a Central Park Tours with a twist of fitness, he says while working with couples who join his tours, he gets a real view of how exercise can be so rewarding in relationship bonding.

“Most people think that the physical relationship is only pertaining to sex, but there is so much to say for those who sweat together outside their bedroom,” Mike Riordan explains. It seemed to me that when you and your partner take a class together they share the same experience of exertion, which is absolutely a chance of bonding. That sense of accomplishment together, whether it be finishing a kick ass class together or engaging in an indoor aerobic exercise, means those sweaty high fives can easily result to an additional steam in between the sheets, which I think everybody will agree is vital for your relationships.

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Exercise re-ignites the flame of relationship:

Engaging in an exercise with a romantic partner can be particularly beneficial for those who are feeling that the newness of their initial time of dating have worn off and it needs to be sustained in the relationship. Whenever the dating phase of a relationship is starting, the goal will be to learn about your partner because they are charming and interesting. You may feel worried and self-conscious about the newness of your relationship, but it wears off because you have to get down to your partner’s core and showcase your own core in return. A mutual adventure of fitness can smooth down the journey to the core.

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