I waited on more information on this one before sharing my thoughts because I was rooting for them, after all they were kind of an odd couple and if it worked, it would be some what awesome. Oh well so much for that, apparently the two have been living apart since May of this year and according to the blogs splitsville is eminent.

I think what is so stupid is one of main the reasons behind the split, a huge cause was Kim Kardashian, yes you read it right Kim K ruined a perfectly greatish marriage.

Nick big mouth Cannon couldn’t help but admit that he slept with her on Big Boys radio show back in March. Mariah probably killed his ass over and over and over every night after he admitted that, and humiliated her. He actually had to name five women but Kim K is what hurt Mariah the most. Hell I would have been hurt too, check out the video:

How many dudes did Kim K sleep with sheesh??

I digress, then big mouth went to Howard Stern and told his business again, saying Mariah would not give it up before they got married. On top of all that and probably most important of all the problems is the fact that Nick has taken every gig presented to him, to which Mariah claims they do not need the money.

The gigs keep him away from the kids according to her, and according to me, he was probably avoiding her. Nick claims Mariah cant stand when he disagrees with her and he has always had this thing about not being classed as a failure in comparison to his wife.

He is always teased that his wife wearing the pants, and that he did not earn any money, so he made sure he earned money. We wait to see how this saga ends, all that money he was bringing to the table has to get split down the middle and of course the custody of the kids has to be worked out. Hopefully both parties can do what is best for them so they too can get through this emotionally.

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