I found out about Shaun Ross on Tumblr, and I found him particularly interesting the more I looked at his pictures. He is the first male albino model of African descent who has modeled for top designers like Alexander Mcqueen and Givenchy. He is being described as “radically beautiful”, which is pretty interesting.

Radically beautiful means beautiful but not normal, beautiful but not typical, Shaun knew that he couldn’t be a ‘basic person’ he felt as if he had a purpose from a very young age and he started a campaign called “In my Skin I Win”.

In My Skin I Win is a movement where a person who looks different or anyone for that matter feels absolutely comfortable with who they are despite what everyone thinks good or bad.

Shaun was raised to believe  that he was no different than his siblings. There were no references to his skin made by his parents, nothing that indicated anything was wrong with his eyes or with him generally. They raised him in an environment free of ridicule being especially guarded about making him feel less than beautiful.

He did not know he was ‘different’ until he hit elementary school. For me being radically beautiful is very special it reminds me that in a world that is driven by conformity and absurd definitions of perfection, our differences are what make us interesting.

I am happy that now designers and musicians are drawn to individuals who are not walking to the same beat or don’t speak the same language as they do.

Featured image: Debby Wong / shutterstock.com


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We are all searching for something else to intrigue us, the most eclectic of us want something that isn’t the typical European, white, long hair 117 pounds beauty queen. Shaun is not like any other male model I have ever seen, and when I saw his pictures, I wondered how come I never heard of him or his movement before. I watched Beyonce’s video for “Pretty Hurts” a million times and still I missed him.

Radical beauty makes a space for anyone, there are no rules or distinctions. If you have virtiligo, you can walk on the same runway as someone who has what is considered normal skin. And if you are Albino you can make history because of just who you are.

Check out Shaun’s TED video as he explains a little bit about his campaign and how he came up with it:

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