How stringent is the church dress code? Very stringent, apparently. Bishop T.D. Jakes wore ripped jeans to his daughter and son-in-law’s contemporary church, One Church LA. And the Internet exploded with self-righteous Christians roasting him for wearing clothes that are supposedly inappropriate for church and for his age.

One person on Instagram thought the jeans were not appropriate for a man the age of Bishop Jakes. To this Instagrammer, his own dad wearing jeans would be mortifying.

Another Instagrammer thought the Bishop was disrespecting the Holy day. She argued that we should never wear clothes to church that we can wear to parties, and doing so is simply disrespecting the temple we are supposed to keep holy.

Yet another man, who was “not judging”, mentioned how, despite the Bible not giving us a dress code for bible meetings, we should still dress a certain way to church. A

ccording to him, T.D. Jakes’ look would be considered unprofessional if he was going to a job interview, so we should always show our best if it’s for God. There were plenty more critics who voiced similar sentiments.

To them, a bishop wearing jeans to church is an affront that needs more attention than the countless women who come to church wearing skimpy clothes and 9-inch heels that lead one into temptation. And the bishop wasn’t even in his own church; for all we know, his daughter and son-in-law’s church probably has a more youthful congregation, meaning the dress code is more casual than other churches with an older congregation.

To be honest, it’s shocking how these holier-than-thou church folk were so quick to start judging a man who was just spreading the word of God just because he failed to meet their dress code.

Bishop T.D. Jakes heard about the criticism levelled against him, and he had a ready response. To him, all his haters should concern themselves more with actually important matters–like the murders in Chicago, or the plight of the homeless–instead of going mad about blue jeans.

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Here was Td Jakes response to the whole thing:

“Scripture please?” Jakes asked rhetorically, prompting the user to go sifting through the Gospels to find where God forbid pastors from wearing jeans to church.

“I certainly want to comply with the word,” Jakes continued. “I just missed the one about jeans in the pulpit.”

I couldn’t agree with him more. Some Christians need to get off their high horse and stop judging every little thing that they don’t agree with.

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