BET have cancelled 106 & Park, their top-rated show of all time. There have been rumors of cancellation since AJ & Free stopped hosting, and especially during Terrence J and Rocsi. However, BET finally pulled the plug on the show on November 14th. The last episode will air on December 19th. Before that day comes, let’s look at the coolest moments on the unforgettable show.

1. Bow Wow and Tyra Banks Make Out

Bow Wow and Tyra first kissed on the Tyra Banks Show. When Tyra came to 106 & Park, there was obvious chemistry between the two. They flirted for a bit, then Bow Wow said, “You tryna do the remix?” Yeah, they did, and what a remix it was. The place went nuclear, and the two became the couple everyone wants to see together.

2. Janet Jackson gets proposed to by Terrence J

 106 & Park’s first host, Terrence J, just couldn’t let Janet Jackson go when she came to the show. He had a chance to propose to Jackson and fulfill his childhood dream, and sure enough he did it.

He went down on one knee, said she makes the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and asked her to marry him, in case Jermaine Dupri doesn’t. Jackson, flattered, fed him strawberries. Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. Well, at least now he’s licking his wounds with fat paychecks from E!

3. 50 Cent challenges Kanye West

In 2007, millions of people loved Kanye and his arrogance hadn’t shot up into the stratosphere, which is why he could go platinum in just over a week.

When he came to 106 & Park with 50 Cent, they announced a bet: their respective albums were launching on the same day, so if Kanye outsold Fifty, Fifty would stop releasing albums. Well, Kanye outsold 50 a little bit, but guess what? Fiddy’s is still releasing albums.

4. Birdman and Lil Wayne kiss

Bow Wow and Tyra aren’t the only stars to have kissed on the show. When Birdman and Lil Wayne came to 106 & Park they also kissed. Well, to be precise, Weezy kissed Birdman in a jealous rage (well, kinda; he seemed in a hurry to do it) when Free asked Birdman a question Weezy obviously didn’t want answered. Yup.. it’s still weird!

5. Jin’s Freestyle Mastery

Jin was a freestyle master. On the show’s Freestyle Fridays, he won all his rap battles and got himself inducted into the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame. His rapping career didn’t kick off like he wanted it to, but to 106 & Park viewers, he won’t be forgotten.

There have been lots of good and bad times on the show (and weird ones too), but we can’t deny it was one of the best shows of its kind. 106 & Park, you will be missed.

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