We’ve heard it all our lives — drink lots of water for a healthy body. Yet, the moment we gain control of our fluid intake (teen and adult years), we do the exact opposite. A lot of us are guilty of not drinking enough water, but surely we can down bottles and bottles of soda, artificial juices, coffee and energy drinks.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is believing that the little bit of water that’s found in these drinks is enough to get us by. In actuality, American people are the most dehydrated nation in the world (there are studies to prove this!). If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Those of us who are moving about throughout the day are losing tons of water through sweat and urine, and not properly replacing the loss of H20. You’ve heard that the recommended daily dose of water that we need is 8 cups of water (8 oz). But it depends on your physical activity level. Obviously, those who run, exercise and do other physical activities will need much more.

However, according to experts, the recommended 8 glasses of water still leaves us on the brink of dehydration and that we should be drinking water throughout the day, even when we’re not thirsty.

From one expert that I trust, it’s recommended that you drink about a gallon of water daily as an adult. That seems like a lot, but if you stop drinking other dehydrating drinks that are filled with caffeine and sugar, you can easily consume that amount. But to convince you further of why you should be consuming more water, without ado.

Here are the three reasons to Drink more Water:

Drinking more water improves energy and brain function

When you allow your body to become dehydrated, your energy levels and brain functionality will suffer for it. There is a study that was performed on women, who lost 1.36% of their fluid while working out. This impaired their concentration and mood, while at the same time increasing headaches.

Then there are other studies that show that mild dehydration (between 1-3% of your body weight) can take place when exercising or being in high heat, which leads to negative effects on brain function. It can also negatively impact your physical performance, which reduces you endurance levels.

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