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Author: safiyaelle

10 Cancer-Fighting Foods And Drinks You Should Have Daily

The best form of medicine is prevention, and with these 10 cancer-fighting ingredients, you can do that all-year round! What have you been doing to keep yourself cancer-free?  The good news is there are options through a healthy diet and vitamin dense foods.  Incorporating more of these foods into your daily lifestyle will not only help you keep cancerous cells at bay but also keep your health at it’s best. Here’s what you should be adding to your daily meals to help keep cancerous cells at bay: 1. Berries Berries, especially the dark ones. These sweet and juicy treats...

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How To Manage Lupus Naturally With Nutrition And Herbs

A lot of people take their immune systems for granted until it becomes compromised. This is when it becomes very clear how important it is, but by then, it could be too late. For lupus sufferers, this is the case. A combination of a bad diet on part of the individual and their parents, is what leads to lupus. This condition plagues black folks three times more than Caucasians and is known to cause all sorts of damage and inflammation to the body, including the skin, joints and organs. Along with medical attention to help cope with the illness,...

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4 Things You Should Discuss Before You Commit to a Relationship

As a woman, I’ve always wondered who’d I’d end up marrying and in today’s society, you can’t help but also wonder whether your future marriage will last. I come from a divorced home, with two step-parents. Both of my parents remarried and are still with those partners today, but the fact that it took more than one marriage to get to that point makes me wonder about my own path. Over the years, I always wondered why so many people in America get divorced. I’ve seen my friends and family members run through relationships and found it quite scary....

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5 Healthy Things I Wish Black Women Would Do For Mental Health

Your mental and emotional health plays a major role in your life. Not only does it play a part in how your feel about yourself, but it also affects your relationships and ability to deal with everyday life. People who have poor mental health tend to have more problems. This typically leads to anxiety, depression and other mental issues. When you start to have more negative feelings and thoughts than positive ones, it’s time to reevaluate your mental health and do things that will help to improve it. Folks who have good mental and emotional health tend to have:...

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Why Hasn’t He Asked Me To Marry Him Yet? 5 Possible Reasons

Getting married is on the list of things to do for most women, but a lot of them don’t realize that they’re the cause of their own singleness. You could be unintentionally scaring away potential mates, which is why it’s important to understand the opposite sex and what they are and aren’t looking for in a future wife. There is a list of things that most men don’t want in their women, but here are the top five. Being too independent or dependent There should definitely be a balance between independence and dependence in a relationship. If you’re too...

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