The iPhone is all fun and downloads, until you receive a notification that you’re low on memory and you have to delete stuff. When this happens, getting space for storage might seem almost impossible, especially since you can’t just pop in a memory card. So, here are some storage hacks to ensure you always have space.

1. Delete apps you don’t frequently use

If you haven’t used an app for 30 days or longer, it’s just soaking up your space. Even if it’s very small, every KB counts. When you need it again, you can simply download from the cloud. Till then, you’ll be saving some valuable space.

2. Delete texts

A single text might not take up a lot of space, but when they add up, texts are among the heaviest space users. If you don’t regularly delete your messages, take a look at which apps on your phone take up the most space; you’ll be surprised to see texts using up anything between a few hundred MBs to over 1GB.

3. Use the cloud

If you have dozens–or even hundreds–of photos, you’re wasting a lot of space. If you have iOS 8, you can optimize your photos and videos by lowering the resolutions and having these on your phone. The original full-res versions get uploaded to your iCloud. And the process is quite simple. Just head to Settings > Photos & Camera > Optimize phone storage.

4. Keep your apps bare

Whatsapp and Tinder don’t take up a lot of space; it’s the data stored on them that hoards all the space. If you constantly receive multimedia files, you might be shocked when you see these apps going from less than 50MB to more than 500MB.

5. Make a backup

This is probably the best way to save the most space. Just connect your phone to your computer, make a backup of everything and remove every non-essential file from your phone. This way, you still have easy access to all your favourite songs or pictures.

5 iPhone Hacks To Improve Your Storage


Check out these 5 hacks you can use to free up space

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