Black couple arguingNormally we like to pick on the guys, and as a matter of fact we have already done a post listing the 4 types of men you should never marry. 

To be fair, we thought we should explore the other side of the coin. After all women aren’t perfect either right? And some women just aren’t the marrying kind. Here are 5 types of women you should never marry.

1. The ‘its all about me’ woman

Lets face it, many of us are only here for self, and some women have one person and one person in mind when they think about their life and that is them self.

When you get married there will be compromise and shared goals, we cannot be selfish or it will not work. A Husband should support his wife and a wife should definitely support her husband. Team work makes the dream work!

2. The ‘I am always the boss’ woman

There is nothing wrong with putting on the pants from time to time but if you believe in the divine order of things, then it should be ok to let your guy take charge and lead the household.

This only works if you have a man who is responsible and takes care of his family. If he does that then give him the space he needs to lead the way he should. The ‘I am always the boss’ woman can be a tough woman to marry especially if you are a traditional type of guy.

3. The cheating kind

If a woman will cheat with you chances are she will cheat on you. Circumstances might dictate your decision but you might believe the old saying. “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.