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Did you all catch that press conference just now? Freddie Gray’s brutal death has received some justice. The police officers involved in his ‘illegal’ arrest will be charged as his death was ruled a homicide.

I do not know what to feel, on one hand I am glad that Freddie Gray’s family will get some relief knowing that the killers will be brought to justice. But I know this will not bring their beloved love one back.

State attorney Marylin J. Mosby said:

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across the country, I’ve heard your call for no justice, no peace, your peace is severely needed as I work to bring you justice for the death of Freddie Gray,”

Marilyn gave us life this morning, she was not playing, she was sincere and no nonsense in her delivery. At the press conference she said:

“This is a moment, This is your moment, Let’s ensure we have peaceful rallies that ensure systemic changes in our future. Our time is now,”

“I uphold the law and I will prosecute any case within my jurisdiction,” Mosby said.

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I sat through countless hours of FOX news reports where the media tried to make the riots about the broken windows and not about the senseless killing and clear injustice from some of the police officers in this country.

Grey’s Anatomy start Jessie William’s responded to the announcement with the following.

Consider the human being captured, controlled & killed in & by traditional America. #WhatCenturyWasThat? #AllOfThem#ThisOne#Yours

I couldn’t agree with him more, this is not the ‘Land of the free’ on this land you can be jailed, raped, choked and killed at the will of another person just due to the color of your skin.

This country has a lot of growing up to do and it is very sad.

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