What is it about men and doctors? They absolutely refuse to go get a check-up, have a yearly physical, or even go if they are really sick.

However, men believe that if something is wrong with them, they will just go to the drugstore and get something to “fix” whatever they think could be wrong with them.

Even if you tell him, “There’s a spot on your face that looks really infected.” He may say, “Don’t worry about it. Just look at the other side of my face.” Seriously, why won’t men go see a doctor?

I took a small survey, asking different men to give me reasons why they choose not to go to the doctor. I received answers like:

“I don’t like to be touched.”

“I don’t trust doctors.”

“I don’t want a male doctor…and I don’t want a female doctor.”

“There nothing wrong with me, so I don’t need to see the doctor.”

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“I rather just tough it out.”

Jesus is my doctor!”

“I’m not spending money on something I already know.”

“For what?”

“I don’t want to know it something is wrong with me…I rather not know…”

One thing that all the men I surveyed had in common was that men are supposed to be strong, tough, hard-working leaders. They are the “man of the house” and they do not want to appear weak to their loved ones.

However, everyone should go to the doctor at least once a year to catch any issues early or just to talk to the doctor about any health-related concerns. Want to get your man to go to the doctor? Try these tips to get him to the doctor:

Set up the appointments for him

Make sure you check his calendar when setting up physicals or check-ups. This may be a bit pushy, but he may need that extra push to get him to the doctor. And this would be less nagging on your part.

Remind him of his family history

Find out about sicknesses or health risk in his family. If there are health concerns or conditions, let him know that this would put him at a high risk.

Suggest to him to see a doctor to learn more about the specific condition, learn the warning signs, and catch anything he could have early enough to put it in remission or to alleviate it.

Let him know that his kids are watching

All fathers want to be a great role model for his children and the children want to be “just like daddy.”

Taking care of his health is a great example for his children. Also, you can use your children to get your man to go to the doctor. “Daddy, please go to the doctor. I want you to be healthy…”

Start him off early

You don’t have to wait for your relationship to get serious to be concerned with his health. Make sure that he makes visiting the doctor a normal part of his life. This is not only healthy for him, but for you as well especially if you two are sexually active.

However, if your man just chooses not to go to the doctor after you have tried all of the tips, you can suggest that he go to the drugstore chains like Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy.

He can do basic screenings for high cholesterol and blood-glucose levels at low to no charge to him. There are also clinics that treat minor illness and can do yearly physicals as well. So he definitely has options with health concerns and questions.

How do you get your man to go to the doctor?

Best ways to get your man to go to the doctor


It is a struggle to get a man to go to the doctor, this post has 4 tips you can use to get your man to go to the doctor for his health checkups.

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