Mornings can be pretty stressful. Whether you are a mom of three, a busy doctor, or an on-the-go student, a relaxing morning just seems impossible.

Sometimes we fail to manage our time to where our mornings seems like the most hectic part of our day. If you are looking for ways to lighten up your mornings and wake up to a brighter day, take these simple steps to reduce the stress of a tiring morning:

1. Clean up your clutter the night before


The worst way to way up is to see the mess from yesterday. Get into a routine to clean up the night before, along with packing lunch and taking out your clothes for the next morning.

2.Wake up to a peaceful alarm



Who wants to hear the siren or buzzing alarm when waking up? Yes, it’s loud and will make you wake up instantly, but you will have a great chance at pressing snooze to shut that annoying sound up. Wake up to your favorite song, wind chimes, or birds chirping.

3. Smile as you get out of bed

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The best way to start your day is to smile. No matter what happened in the past or what is to come in the future, you still have today. Smiling brings appreciation and gratitude for what you have now.

4. Give yourself a 3-5 minutes morning meditation



Whether you pray, do a stretching or yoga routine, or read the daily newspaper, give yourself some “you” time before you start on anything for the day. You will feel more relaxed and peaceful, than getting right out of bed to start your day.

5. Listen to music while preparing for the day

Listen to Music

Play your music while in the shower, preparing your lunch, and getting your things ready for work. Not only will you bop to the beat, but you are more likely to start your day with happiness in your heart – as you dust those shoulders off.

6. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep with Makeup On

The way to have a great morning the next day is to get a good night’s sleep. This will help you concentrate better, be in a great mood, keep your figure, and to have better sex with your mate. Well, then…good night!



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