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Author: Jean C

Missing Your Period? 6 Reasons Why Aunt Flow Could Be Late

Besides being pregnant there are some reasons that you could have missed Aunt Flow. And sure! It happens to the best of us. The textbooks say that cycles are an average of 28 days. For most women, normal cycles range from 21 to 35 days for 3-7 days. It literally runs like clock work, month after month. So when your period doesn’t come when you think it is suppose to, that raises many questions, anxiety, and fear. Now of course, you can go right for the pregnancy test to check if you are pregnant. But before you pay for that...

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4 Tips On How To Get Your Man To The Doctor

What is it about men and doctors? They absolutely refuse to go get a check-up, have a yearly physical, or even go if they are really sick. However, men believe that if something is wrong with them, they will just go to the drugstore and get something to “fix” whatever they think could be wrong with them. Even if you tell him, “There’s a spot on your face that looks really infected.” He may say, “Don’t worry about it. Just look at the other side of my face.” Seriously, why won’t men go see a doctor? I took a...

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5 Ways To Make Your Day Job Really Fun

People can definitely take life too seriously, especially at the workplace. You clock in, do your job, clock out, then get paid. That’s basically the jist of having a job, but work doesn’t have to only be work. You and your co-workers spend most of your work-day at your job, so why not spice things up? Your workplace doesn’t have to be so dry and quiet all the time. Having fun and doing team building activities not only allows you to really get to know your co-workers, but this can also increase productivity and create incentives to go above and...

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The Top 5 Things You Need To Focus On When You Want To Improve Your Relationship

A relationship, just like everything else in life, needs care and attention. Many couples overlook the most important details and end up unhappy, thinking that they relationship was doomed from the beginning. However, there are some things that we allow to get in the way of our significant other, which can affect the love life. If we can identify these things early we might be able to save our selves the headache of a breakup. Here are 5 details you must focus on to preserve your relationships. 1. Communication Never assume! The first and foremost way to have a...

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6 Ways To Dress Your Baby Bump

A lot of cold and snowy days have happened this Winter…with a little cuddle action I’m sure. So by this Spring you may be surprise with that life-changing plus sign on your pregnancy test! Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase a woman can go through in her lifetime. To see her body change, while creating a life for 9 months, is the most precious moment ever. And just because your body is changing, does not mean you have to put away your chic, fashion sense for 9 months. You may not want to admit it, but eventually you will grow out of your...

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