All women have been there: for some reason or another, you are just ready to end things and move on from your relationship.

The thing is there are two ways you can go about this, you can choose to break up with dignity, or you can do it in the most spiteful way possible.

Below are 6 of the worst ways you can break up with your man, these are things you absolutely shouldn’t do (or should, if you think he deserves it).


1. Change your Facebook status with no discussion

facebook status

It’s perfectly normal to change your Facebook status to “single” after breaking up. However, changing it when your man still thinks you’re in a relationship, well that’s just evil.

Imagine the look on his face as he logs in to Facebook and the first thing he sees is your status has gone from “in a relationship” to “single”.


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2. At a party

sad guy at a party

A party is a great venue for drinking, bonding with friends, meeting new people, one night stands… But it’s a horrid venue for breaking up (unless you’re a sadist). Even worse, his friends (and strangers) will be there to see the whole thing.


3. Cheat and let him find out

cheating girlfreind

Do not let him walk in on you sleeping with someone else. He will flip out in a bad way, and he might even get violent.

If the guy you’re cheating with isn’t a well-built stud who knows how to fight, do not even think of it; the risk is way too high.


4. During a holiday

During holidays, everyone’s focused on the day itself and having a good time. However, picking a holiday—especially one he really likes—to dump him is very effective in tarnishing that day for him, possibly forever. If you want to be even more monstrous, dump him on his birthday.


5. Avoid him

This might or might not work. Not making things final can be a major mistake, because he’ll start doing things he wouldn’t normally do.

He won’t know why you’re suddenly ignoring his calls and texts, so he’ll probably start calling every hour, texting repeatedly, and probably even start stalking you.


 6. Being impossible

Some women want to give their boyfriends “signs” that they want to break up. This includes being moody, acting mean, doing the things he hates and worse.

Sometimes the guy will get the hint and break up with you himself. Other times, though, he might just choose to stay with you, even if you treat him like dirt.

If you want to break up nothing beats just having the conversation and being an adult about it!

6 Worst Ways For A Women To Break Up With Their Man


Here are 6 of the worst ways you can break up with your man, these are things you absolutely shouldn’t do

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