You’re in a relationship, you love each other and you feel ready to take the next step. But are you really ready, though?

You might be settling down at the wrong time, or even with the wrong person. So how can you tell that you’re ready for your happily ever after? These signs should help.

1. You have a reason

All your friends are married, and most of your family, too. Even though you’re in a stable relationship, you feel left out. Because of this, you want to get married.

This is a very bad idea. Even if you’re in love, you should have a reason (or several) for getting married, and being able to flaunt it is not one of them. Look at the benefits and the potential pitfalls. Do not just do it because everyone around you is.

2. Your family and friends support you

Your family and friends have known you longer than your spouse. They know the kind of person you are and, to some extent, they also know the kind of person you’re compatible with.

If most of them don’t like the person you’re dating, there is a high chance your marriage will not work out. However, if they all give you their blessings, you’ll know it’s safe to take the next step.

3. You trust your partner

Whether you’ve been dating for 2 years or 10, you have to know and trust your partner completely before you can think of getting married.

You should know their aspirations in life, how they react to certain things, how they cope with issues like stress and more. Basically, you know everything about them and vice versa. No marriage can succeed without trust, so make sure there is plenty of it.

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4. It’s easy to resolve issues

Arguments and disagreements always happen in relationships; it’s healthy. It’s how you cope with them and resolve them that determine what kind of relationship you have.

If you leave your issues to linger (and use them against each other in future arguments) your issues are only going to heighten. However, if you quickly and/or easily resolve them (and saying sorry comes easily), you’ll be happier for longer.

5. You can’t picture a life without them

How has your life changed since you started going out? Has it become better? Worse? Is it more or less the same? Even more importantly, do you think of life with them when you picture the future? If yes, then you’re probably going to be happy with them.

Love is blind, so it’s always good to think before making a step as massive as getting married. If you’ve experienced the above steps, you’re probably ready to get married.

Top 5 Signs That Show You’re Ready to Get Married


Are you thinking about getting married? Here are 5 signs that show you are ready

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