Even the smartest of us can get dumber by indulging in these everyday activities and lifestyle choices. While technology is great and we have the wealth of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, sometimes we let it do to much of the work for us and don’t use our brains the way we’re supposed to. Want to get your brain back in shape? Check out this list of 7 things NOT to do.

1. The internet

When you have device at your side pretty much at all times you can Google anything you need right? Well researchers have discovered that recall rates of information have dropped since many of us now keep our external memory in our smartphones. Take it easy on the internet, right after you read this *wink*


2. Lack of sleep

Studies have shown that Americans generally get less sleep than the rest of the world due to our hectic and workaholic lifestyles. Your brain and body need time to recharge like anything else. Lack of sleep has been found to cause lower cognitive function and mood swings.


3. Eating junk food

Nobody wants to see this one on the list, but as it turns out junk can make you dumber. Diets high in cholesterol and fat might speed up the formation of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain.

These sticky protein clusters are responsible for much of the damage that occurs in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.


4. Living in a city

This seems a bit counterintuitive but it seems city life and living among a mass of people can actually dull your thinking. Just being in an urban setting with all of the outside stimuli that comes along with it can dull the senses and prevent the brain from focusing.


5. Sugar

Here’s another bummer. Excessive sugar intake can slow the brain with high fructose. Better skip that glazed donut this morning.


6. Stress

We all have stress on some level, but those who get over stressed essentially “burn through” their brain matter faster than others. This can impair the ability to store information and recall it quickly.


7. Getting spanked as a child

You would never guess this one, but researchers claim children who were spanked as children tend to have lower IQ’s. Go figure.

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