We have heard many stories about our health growing up. Don’t eat this or don’t do that. Seems like a lot of information to keep track of. On the bright side, not all of it is true, here are some common health myths that have been debunked.

1. Gum will stay in your system for years

No need to fear, gum can stay in your system for just a few days, not years.


2. Cold weather makes you sick

In the winter season you make sure you never forget your hats, scarves, and warm jacket before you go outside. Truth is, these are not a foolproof way of avoiding a cold or flu.


3. The five second rule

Scientists have found that food that has been dropped on the floor for only five seconds still picks up bacteria left behind.


4. Carbs make you fat

Although the Atkins Diet gave us all a run for our money back in the day, there are many good carbs out there such as fruits and whole grains.

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5. Calories at Night Are More Fattening

At the end of the day all calories are equal so it does not matter what time of day you eat.


6. Cracking Your Knuckles Can Cause Arthritis

This annoying habit that would get on your mom’s last nerve fortunately does not lead to any case of arthritis. That’s good news for you, keep cracking!


7. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day

Those who are not avid water drinkers are probably rejoicing right now. There are many studies out there on how much water you should actually drink. A good rule of thumb is to drink enough so you are not dehydrated.


8. Running is bad for your knees

A study done at Stanford University showed that knees of runners were in about the same shape health wise as non runners.

I am guilty of believing a lot of these myths. However, not all of them are bad ideas, which they can lead to better choices. At least I can rest assured that I haven’t done any more harm than good when it comes to my health.

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