Meatless Mondays. Nothing new. It’s actually been an initiative that’s was started over a decade ago and practiced by many countries across the globe, but it is something I’ve only recently decided to add to my lifestyle.

No meat on Mondays.

The overall goal of the meatless monday campaign was to improve individual’s health and the health of the planet. It is said that one of the largest contributors to pollution is animal agriculture.

If everyone gave up meat just one meal of the week it would be like taking 500,000 cars off the road!

So imagine giving up meat for a whole day every week?!

Other benefits? For one, it improves your health. Meat-free meals are known to help prevent heart disease and even cancer.

#1 concern, can you get enough protein?

I have friends that have gone vegetarian.  They tell me the biggest question they get asked is about protein concerns.  How can you get enough protein from plant based foods?  For that, here’s a comparison of vegetable protein vs meat protein.

List: here’s 75+ ideas to add a veggie snack to your afternoon.

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If you are eating a whole food diet, enough protein shouldn’t be a problem.  There is lots of protein in nuts, grains, legumes and vegetables.  For example, a cup of green peas is 9 grams of protein.  But you must be aware of your protein intake, here’s signs you might not be getting enough protein.

Iron is actually a bigger concern for vegetarians.  Low levels of iron can lead to anemia.  Follow a whole food diet and iron or protein shouldn’t be a concern.

To add iron to your die, think leafy greens.  Kale, spinach and arugula.  But in order to increase your iron absorption during digestion, pair it with vitamin c fruits or vegetables.  Doesn’t mean you have to have an orange with each meal, tomatoes and peppers are also high in vitamin c. There’s also foods to avoid to stop iron prevention.

In Summary

So why is this so important for me and what led me to take the leap? First, I was dancing around the idea of becoming a vegetarian earlier this year. I said maybe I’ll give up meat for lent. 40 days wouldn’t be so bad right? I was wrong. Truth is I love meat! *sigh*

I’ve heard Oprah talk about her participation in Meatless Mondays so I decided to give it a try! I figured it would be a lot easier.

I started the 2nd week in September after a vacation in Hawaii and have stuck to it since!

For me it’s a step towards being disciplined. Yes, I love meat and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but setting aside one day a week is a challenge that’s becoming easier each and every week. By sticking to this routine I feel like I’m gaining more control over my life.

Also Mondays are perfect to go meatless and eat healthier meals. After a weekend of eating out I think it’s excellent to start the week fresh and light.

It also gives me a chance to try new recipes and experiment. I even replaced my whey protein in my morning smoothie with plant based proteins. And who know’s maybe I will be able to give up meat for lent next year? 😉

Do you think you could give up meat one day a week?!

Why I Decided To Go Meatless On Mondays
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