..because the eggplant with the water droplets won’t cut it anymore.

Emoji symbols are a great way for expressing emotions in a cute and visual way. However, there are others who use emoji as a way to connect with their potential and significant others by sexting.

If you don’t know by now, sexting is sending sexually explicit messages by mobile phone. Some do it for long distance relationships, while other do it to start relationships. Many sext to keep their relationships sexy and juicy. Flirtmoji is the way to go if you are looking for something more than the pointer finger and the ‘okay’ sign.

Flirtmoji was created by four artists and designers from California. Katy McCarthy, one of the artists, declared the app was created by those who “experience the limitations of traditional emoji while in sexual situations.”

The symbols that are available range from handcuffs to birth control pills. There are even symbols that are hard to decipher and very advanced. Even though there are emoji symbols that are ‘too much’ for the normal person who uses emoji, McCarthy declared:

…we felt that it was so crucial that everyone feel sexually represented…anyone has to be able to look at them and not get offended.”


From the color and ‘body’ size of the Flirtmoji symbols, there are pretty much any sexual acts you can think of in symbols. Flirtmoji may be a great idea for those who sext, but iPhone and Android claims that Flirtmoji is too explicit to sell in their app stores. McCarthy said,

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…despite all this sexually activity oozing out of our lightning ports and headphone jacks, the app stores for Android and iOS do not permit sexual content…”

So if you are really into Flirtmoji, you would need to go to their site and download the symbols onto your phone. In order to use them in your texts, you would have to go to your phone’s internet browser and copy them into your text message OR save your Flirtmoji symbols to the phone’s photo album. You can download the basic Flirtmoji for free and purchase 15 of the many other Flirtmoji available for $0.99.

Personally, I feel Flirtmoji is a fun way to sext your significant other in cute ways. However, with the ‘oops I didn’t mean to send my mother that’ epidemic that seems to happen too often, I would say to triple-check who you are sending your Flirtmoji to and don’t text your friend and your girlfriend at the same time when you are feeling frisky.

What do you think about Flirtmoji? Are you thinking, “Well, it’s about time!” or “No! Now my 13 year old son has more access to sexual stuff!!” – Comment below

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