Meet Calen! He is your ordinary, fly, down to earth guy and just as awesome and normal as can be until one day  I found out more than a lot about Calen’s lifestyle or should I say lifestyles!

It has been ages since I have seen Calen in person, but I have always somewhat kept up with him on Facebook. At least that is what I thought.

One day I was chilling on youtube like I usually do and I was in total disbelief when I ran into a video of Calen on YouTube! My friend the totally awesome ordinary guy is a drag queen/female impersonator that goes by the name Giscelle!

Once I found this out, I just had to hit him up because I had a boat load of questions that I figure he would be glad to answer. He without a doubt spilled the beans from top to bottom. Calen told me he got started in drag at a nightclub in Louisiana but his visits to gay bars and being around drag queens was kept a secret.

His small circle of friends knew, but everyone else was left in the dark about it. Calen made it clear that keeping things this way made him feel as if no one could judge him.

Things are changing for Calen though, he made the point that the more fun he had, the more he said he is starting to loosen up.

So how did he get started? He told me that at first he started taking mental notes of other drag queens and that one night, one drag queen in particular just blew him away, her name is Sarina Styles.

He loved how gracious she was and she gave him the confidence he needed to start dancing. By the end of the night, Calen said “Run The World” by Beyoncé came on and he knew the exact choreography and broke out into dance. Afterwards, he said he was told by many that he should perform.

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Calen says he is pleased to know that drag has not affected any of his relationships, family, and friends but he is still cautious about who he tells about his lifestyle. I eventually asked Calen if he thinks drag is accepted in the black community.

He said no. His opinion is that theaters and movies are making a mockery of drag including the likes of Tyler Perry, Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence and The Wayans. Calen has now moved up from Louisiana to Texas because he has booked more shows.

Calen left me with this quote:

“I want people to learn that you can be yourself and stay committed to whatever dream you have. Don’t disappear in the shadows. You don’t have to be on stage to be seen. Be yourself. Shine through the darkness and stay positive. I want people to learn how to live inside their dreams.”

Great advice if you ask me!

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