It’s official! Jay Z and Beyoncé have just welcomed two members to their family! It is not entirely clear when Beyoncé gave birth to the twins, but according to sources, it was around June 15. That was the day Jay Z was to be honored at the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York City. However, he never showed up.

The sex of the twins also remains unknown, as well as their names. However, the former American president Barrack Obama hinted that it was two girls during a video message broadcast when he was at the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Other sources suggest that it’s a boy and a girl. Whatever the case, we will only know their sex when Queen Bey publicly announces them.

The singer, 35, announced her pregnancy on February 1 via Instagram by posting a gorgeous maternity photo. The post broke records on Instagram: within one hour of going live, it had 2.43 million likes and 166,000 comments. And by 7 hours, it had garnered over 7 million likes and 360,000 comments.

Beyoncé performed later in February at the Grammys, in a striking performance with holographic imagery that received rave reviews. That evening, she won trophies for Best Music Video and Best Urban Contemporary Album, for ‘Formation’ and ‘Lemonade’ respectively.

Ever since, the singer has kept a low profile. She skipped Coachella in April—she will headline it next year—and the Met Gala in May.

She held her baby shower, the ‘Carter Push Party’ in May, and it was something special. The star-studded event featured celebrities like Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland and sister Solange.

This is great news for Beyoncé’s family and for the whole Beyhive. Healthy babies are always a blessing, and every parent deserves to be happy, regardless of whether or not they are famous. We wish Beyoncé and Jay Z the best as their family is now bigger by two members.

Featured image: Dylan Armajani /

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