Essence chose there sexiest man for 2014 and it is Omari Hardwick and well we arent arguing with them. If you dont know who Omari is he is that guy we remember emerging from the pool in the hit series Mary Jane, he played her very sexy married boyfriend.

The weird thing is, many of Essence’s followers were pissed off that he was chosen, they called him ‘self hating’ and criticized Essence for not picking someone who was more supportive of black culture and by that they mean black women.

You see Omari’s wife is white and he has come under fire for marrying a white women as many black men do, but for him she is the love of his live and the one he chose and often defends.

You wont find any shade here, we don’t care who he wants to marry to be frank. Personally I was more interested in his work in poetry. Did you know that he wrote poems?

He grew up in Atlanta Georgia and has been writing since high school. He is very passionate about developing creative writing withing schools specifically with poetry.

He developed a network called Bluapple poetry with some key partnerships including school boards starting in Florida inviting young men to write what is on their heart using poetry as a means of expression for whatever they might be going through in their teenage life.

I know for many of us growing up writing was always a great outlet, that is wear rap is born, on paper, and where sadness is alleviated, so I get it, I totally get it.

In celebration of his newest achievement of 2014 very sexy, we decided to share one of his pieces, and from the sound of things he doesn’t seem to be self hating at all. Sometimes the man is not who he marries, the man is “his story and his name”. Check out one of his pieces below:

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