I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polysystic Ovary Syndrome) a few years ago, the doctor prescribed a boat load of medication which seemed to help regulate my, what she considered haphazard hormone situation.

At the time I had no idea what PCOS was and naturally when you you do not know something about your health, you become obsessed with the research.

Skip a few years after my initial diagnosis and my final resolve that I would never ever get pregnant, I went to a different doctor out of convenience because I felt all out of wack again.

At that time I was training pretty heavily but not watching my diet as much as I am now. While in the doctors office I just wanted to do the usual routine stuff, I knew it was my PCOS causing all my changes and really I was just there for the prescription.

To my surprise there was another reason my body was going crazy, my doctor said I was pregnant. Say what now? 6 weeks? As you can imagine my life had changed within the space of one day! My question was:

What about my PCOS?

The doctor explained that I may have been able to control the symptoms with my adoption of a much healthier lifestyle.

I was able to acheive the ultimate thing, pregnancy! who would have thought? With that said I thought there must be some truth to controlling your PCOS symptoms with a regular exercise routine, specifically weight training.

Strength training and PCOS

Research shows that women with with PCOS can effectively lose weight and improve their over all health with increased exercise and whole food nutrition.

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We also tend to be also suffer from insulin resistance and the presence of excess insulin creates hormonal imbalances that causes an increase in androgen production by the ovaries.

This is what causes Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This means if you can increase your muscle mass you can effectively manage glucose, insulin and therefore control your PCOS.

Without a doubt we need more research in this area but I know first hand that when your overall health improves your body can function more efficiently.

Regular resistance training also can improve your bad cholesterol, virtually zapping it away, making weight training one of the best things you can adopt when deciding to change your lifestyle.


How to weight train for PCOS

Lateral Pull Down Back Exercise

There are no specifics on how to train there needs to be more research, but I will say that you should not be afraid of going heavy if you can. Women are very strong and even though you train hard, if you are not taking enhancers you will not look like man contrary to popular belief.

Be progressive in the level of difficulty as you train so that you are improving every day on strength and conditioning. If you are trying get pregnant, or just want to improve your over all health and vitality with PCOS give weight training a shot.

Do you have PCOS? Do you find that regular exercise with weight training has improved your condition?

Do You Have PCOS? Take Charge Of It With Weight Training


Research shows that women with with PCOS can effectively lose weight and improve their over all health with increased exercise and whole food nutrition.

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