Obesity is a problem which faces all American, but especially among African-American women. A recent study has revealed the number one arch-enemy for black women when it comes to being overweight: the burger.

As part of the Black Women’s Health Study, Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center researchers followed almost 20,000 black women who signed up. Women’s diets were tracked with special emphasis on eight specific unhealthy foods: fried fish, Chinese food, pizza, fried chicken, Mexican food, burgers, soft drinks and French fries.

The most striking and obvious result of the study showed that women who ate at least two burgers were a stunning 26% more likely to be obese than those that didn’t.

Soft drinks ranked second, those who drank at least two drinks a day were at 10 percent greater risk of obesity in Black women. It should be noted though, those numbers are pretty much the same across the board for all genders and ethnicities assuming the same amount of exercise.

“The association with burgers was stronger than that with sugar-sweetened soft drinks,” study authors wrote.

One unexpected outcome of the study was that french fries with the burger made a statistically insignificant difference when it came to obesity. No one is saying fries are good for you, but apparently it didn’t contribute to obesity.

Of course, there’s no universal way to tell how certain foods affect certain people, age and body type were factors on how bodies would respond to the unhealthy foods. As expected, risks increased for obesity rates rose in those that indulged in more of the unhealthy foods for women who were under age 30 and had a normal weight at the start of the study in 1995.

Researchers went on to justify the results of their study:

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“The identification of individual foods or beverages that are associated with weight gain provides a basis for specific and straightforward recommendations to help prevent obesity, Awareness needs to be raised that even young women who have healthy weights are at risk of becoming obese if they frequently consume these food items.”

The unfortunately reality is that almost half of all African-Americans are obese, putting the black population at an already increased risk for a multitude of health problems that accompany being overweight. Approximately 50% of black women die from stroke or heart disease, two of the conditions linked with obesity, a rate that is twice that of whites.

Considering these sobering facts, looks like it might be time to limit those trips to McDonald’s!

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