Turmeric is incredible healthy for your body and mind. Asking what is the best type of Turmeric, is like asking what is the best form of exercise. It’s all amazing! If possible, I always go for raw Turmeric as it is unprocessed, and I’m a big believer that the raw form of any food is the best. 

Other types of turmeric are better for different people, and more convenient. For whatever your choice, choose turmeric from a good source that does not have any cheap fillers.  I put together some information of which is better, raw VS powdered turmeric and benefits of each.  How much turmeric to take daily. 

What is Turmeric? 

If you have gotten this far, and thinking wow I like the sounds of Turmeric, but what is it?  Essentially Turmeric is a magical spice that has been used for thousands of years around the world.  It’s a root vegetable, that is most commonly dried and ground into a powder. 

This super food is very high in anti-oxidants and acts as an inflammatory.  It contains the chemical compound curcumin, the powerful component that is the reason for the many benefits of turmeric. 

There are many other articles on Urban Gyal where we go over the many health benefits and Recipes for Turmeric because we could not fit all this awesomeness in just one page! It works amazing on facial acne and acne scars, can be used for facial hair removal, and studies have been shown to reduce depression and even cancer cells.  

Essential Note: Whenever you ingest Turmeric, in whichever form, make sure you pair it with pepper.  Pairing it with pepper will increase the absorbtion of the curcumin to get the most benefits.

Types of Turmeric, Which is Better Raw or Ground Turmeric?

Here are the 4 different types of Turmeric:

Turmeric Root

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Whenever you can get something that is pure and unprocessed, it will yield the most benefits. With Raw Turmeric none of the Curcumin, the most powerful ingredient of turmeric, is lost during process.  The curcumin delivers the most benefits so keeping the concentration at it’s highest makes raw turmeric the best form to use. It is great to use raw turmeric if it’s available, to do so, grate the raw turmeric over your food or slice and dice into small piecces.  This is my favorite way to use turmeric when cooking, as the flavor is a wonderful addition to many meals.  Some of my favorites is adding chopped turmeric root over salads and into wraps.  When taking a dosage, there is approx 200 milligrams of curcumin in one teaspoon of fresh or ground turmeric.  Increase that doseage for up to 1,000 milligrams for anti-inflammatory effects. 

4 Different Types of Turmeric – Is Raw Better Then Powdered or Paste? 1

Turmeric powders may not be as pure as the raw Turmeric but it is definitely the most convenient.  From a convenience factor I have to admit this is my go to form of turmeric. 

What’s even more convenient than trying to figure out what recipes to add it to, instead just simply take a turmeric capsule daily. You can even make your own, grab some empty vegetarian capsules and fill with organic turmeric powder and ground black pepper.

You do lose a small percentage of Curcumin during the process.  Ground curcumin is better than no curcumin!

Ground powder works great as a condiment and in beauty products. In India is used in almost all curries and gives it a rich flavor to the fish and can even be used as preservatives in food. I compiled the 10 different recipes to use Turmeric in Food, most using the turmeric powder.

The Turmeric powders also work AMAZING as face masks for skin treatments.  Some of the skin treatments are for general acne, acne scars and reducing the size of pores. We will note there is another type of powder called Kasturi Turmeric, that is not meant for consumption.  It’s a ground form that is used in skin and beauty treatments, it’s properties don’t stain your face and it’s a bit more fragrant.  Here’s what I call our super woman turmeric face mask

4 Different Types of Turmeric – Is Raw Better Then Powdered or Paste? 24 Different Types of Turmeric – Is Raw Better Then Powdered or Paste? 3

Turmeric oils after processed only contain around 7% raw turmeric. The key Curcumin is lilted even more during processing. That said, Turmeric oils work well as a strong relaxant and balancer. In fact, I use Turmeric as an essential oil and swear on the positive effectives on my eyes and nasal cavities. It is anti allergic, antibacterial, antiphrastic, and also has a great smell to it. The oils work great when applying on your skin or can replace a powder when making a mask.

4. Turmeric Paste

The last types of Turmeric is called the Golden Paste.  Essentially you are taking raw or powdered Turmeric and making it into this paste.  It’s not a form of turmeric that you can buy ready made from the store.  You made the paste at home and can be kept handy to make the popular golden milk lattes easily at any time.  It is really easy to make, combine turmeric with water, black pepper, and coconut oil. It is then applied to your body orally, or in food, but I think this paste is what we use for pain relief or arthritis treatments.

Where to Buy Turmeric:

Make sure you get your turmeric from a good source. Even though Turmeric and curcumin supplements do not seem to have any serious side effects, some people may be prone to mild discomfort at high doses. This is mainly due to the low quality and cheap fillers some companies use. Such as starch which will also cause symptoms in people allergies to gluten. This is why you need to make sure that the brands are organic, non-gmo,  non-irradiated, and has been tested for heavy metals and other contaminates.

From personal experience, my grandparents have always fed me all of these types of turmeric. It’s an essential super food you should to consume for a healthy life. When ever possible, go for the raw if available. For cooking go with a powder.  Turmeric tea is one of my favorite ways to end the day.  Comment below with what types of turmeric you like the best!

Live long and Turmeric On ?

4 Different Types of Turmeric – Is Raw Better Then Powdered or Paste?


Raw Turmeric is best but Powdered, Oil, and Paste Supplements Have Their Benefits and Different Uses as well. Learn What Kind Where to Buy Turmeric Curcumin.

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