Turmeric is has incredible health benefits for your body on both the inside and out. On the inside, it is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that is known to cure and prevent many diseases and pains. On the outside, it is great for your skin, removes facial hairs, whitens teeth, and even reduces acne and acne scars.

I put together 10 health benefits of Turmeric, but here’s some helpful turmeric recipes to include this in your healthy diet. Through our tasty turmeric recipes I include both ways to eat and drink to get the health benefits of this wonder food while making it simple and delicious.

If you are unsure about which form of turmeric to use, raw VS powdered, we broke down all 4 types of tumeric here.

Important Note: To increase the absorption of the curcumin during digestion, make sure to pair with black pepper where possible.

Here are our 10 Favorite Turmeric Recipes:

1. Turmeric Tea

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 1

I used to think that Green Teas were the healthiest, then I tried Turmeric.  I normally drink one every night now before bed. It helps aid in relaxation as well as boosting immune system while sleeping. The simplest tea to make includes 2 teaspoons of Turmeric Powder, in 2 cups of boiling water. Boil for up to 15 minutes and garnish with lemon.  To add some extra flavors, I personally like adding some honey with a sprinkle of ground black pepper and cayenne. Essentially all you need is ¼ cup of cinnamon powder, 2 table spoons ground black pepper, 1.5 table spoons ground ginger, 1.5 Table Spoons Cayenne. The pepper is an important addition as it aids in the absorption of the turmeric during digestion. Golden Milk tumeric latte is also popular and listed below later on in the list. 

2. Turmeric Scramble

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 2

Adding a punch of turmeric to your egg or tofu egg makes a delicious omelet. I have grown very fond on the taste and golden color, but for people knew with it a scramble is a good place to start. This is because the color is not too powering as well as covering up the flavor.  And it’s so simple, if you already have eggs or tofu scramble, adding in this wonderful flavor makes this one of the easiest turmeric recipes. 

Recipe source: PureElla

3. Turmeric Soups  

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 3

Growing up on some of those days when I was sick my mom always made me eat a bowl of vegetable (or chicken) soup. She always understood all the benefits of powdered turmeric and always added a 2 tea spoons in it, with lots of fresh oregano. Turmeric works wonders with infections and viruses getting our bodies back up to feeling better then ever. Even if you do not feel sick, adding some turmeric to any soup gives it the golden turmeric glow.

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4. Turmeric Shakes

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 4

You may want to end your day with a turmeric tea, but starting it with turmeric in your smoothie or shake is a wonderful start. One of the best things about adding it to a shake (versus juice) is that it does not change the taste of your shake much. The turmeric spice adds in its unique flavor with added health benefits to start your day. If you are looking for other smoothie or shake ideas, we have a list of 4 of our favorite smoothies that taste delicious.

5. Turmeric Salt Shaker

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 5

We call it a turmeric salt shaker, but it is just powdered turmeric in a salt shaker. Instead of sprinkling salt, you should be sprinkling it on everything! My grandma use to mix it with coriander and cuminder in the salt shaker, all equal amounts. Weirdly enough we also like it on popcorn.  

6. Try it with Greens

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 6

If you can not tell by now, I like to put Turmeric on pretty much anything. However, it does taste really good on salads especially when sauteed with other vegetables. Root vegetables are especially a good combination for turmeric.   Toss any type of vegetable with Tumeric, chili powder, ginger, coriander, pepper and olive oil before roasting.  The flavor is wonderful!! It makes me love the side vegetables more than the main course.  

Recipe source: Dr Hyman

7. Turmeric Rice

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 7


I spent a few months working in India, and got very use to their delicious spices. After coming home normal rice just seems to be missing that spice or kick to it.

A tablespoon of turmeric brings bring a splash of color and some flavor to your rice that will make a lasting effect on your guests.  Just throw in the tablespoon at the beginning of cooking the rice so the rice is infused with flavor throughout cooking.  It’s seriously one of the easiest turmeric recipes we have. 

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 8


If you are not drinking Turmeric Tea before bed, you should be drinking Turmeric Milk instead.  It is famously called Golden Milk, and is very easy to make.  The golden milk latte has been popular for decades in India, originally being called haldi doodh. 

Bring 3 cups of milk or unsweetened almost milk to boil. Add in 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric powder, then let cool. I like the taste (no big surprise here) but many people like to add a little sweetness from honey.

If you are drinking before bed for realization, add in cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little coconut oil if you have it.  Recently featured in Starbucks, in the UK, this turmeric recipe is so easy to make at home too!  Here’s the full turmeric tea recipe.

9. Turmeric Pancakes

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 9

Do the exact same as your normal pancake batter, but this time you are going to try adding some turmeric and chair flavors to them. Some have called them “good morning” or “sunshine” pancakes because of their bright yellow tinge.  I bet the kids will absolutely love the funny flavor or their pancakes.

10. Turmeric Curry

10 Best Ways To Eat Or Drink Turmeric with Tasty Recipes 10

Did you know that almost all curry has Turmeric in it? India has realized the many health benefits of Turmeric for thousands of years, but also is an intoxicating spice. Add turmeric to your chicken curry for a flavorful dish that is also healthy.   I like this recipe from laws of bliss.

Where to Buy Turmeric

You can find turmeric at most grocery stores, supplement section of a pharmacy, or online. You can choose from 4 types of tumeric including purchasing raw, powder, oils, or paste. Each has their own benefits and limitations, but to make it easy for cooking most people go with the powdered version.

Make sure to go with a good brand, that is organic, does not have any GMO’s, and most important no cheap fillers. If you are looking for more details on the health benefits of raw versus powered.  Just make sure to be careful, this potent spice can easily stain your clothes, skin or countertop.  Apple cider vinegar is an easy trick to remove stains.

We would love to hear your favorite turmeric recipes, make sure to comment them below!

Live strong and cook Turmeric On ?

10 Turmeric Recipes

10+ Ways To Eat or Drink Turmeric In Tasty Recipes You Will LOVE!


Why not just add Turmeric Curcumin to everything? Here are some of our favorite turmeric recipes and drinks including teas, curries, golden milk, and more!

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