“How could we have been so stupid?” That’s a question I repeat over and over in my head when I think about my only college regret.

I’m sure just about everyone has moments that they think back on where they can’t believe they did “that”. Mine revolves around a situation that could have ended very badly.

Circa junior year of college. Friday nights consisted of going out at the hottest rooftop lounge downtown. Ladies were free, the men were friendly and we always ended up in someone’s VIP booth with free drinks.

Two of my friends and I (lets call them Chelsea and Lauren) were invited to a particular booth that night with a group of older men. Now these guys were all aged around 40 and I was not interested but hey free drinks and a cozy booth is cool right?

At the end of the night they invited the three of us to an after party at the house they were renting. I did not want to go. I remember thinking that these guys are old and unattractive but my girlfriends insisted that we check it out. Not wanting to be a damper on their night I went along.

We drove out a good 20-30 minutes across town and realized the house they were renting was on a very secluded back road. I felt off soon as we drove down Honeycutt rd. The house was literally in the cut.

When we walked in there were a good 15 men in the house. No women. Red flag right there. Just what kind of after party was this? I had sobered up at this point and became extremely aware of my surroundings.

Of course they offered us drink to which we all declined and then they proceeded to try to separate us. One guy took Chelsea “to talk” and another took Lauren to get more comfortable. I stayed in the living area. No one was going to try take me into a bedroom. I don’t play that.

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After about 10 minutes of having multiple guys at this sausage fest try to get in my face and literally had me feeling like a piece of meat, I then went to find my friends. I got cornered on the stairway and this one guy would not let me upstairs for nothing. I recall him grabbing my arm and saying that I was “blocking”.

I yelled for my friends which I later realized was their only ticket out and we left.

On the car ride home I learn what happened in those rooms. Now I won’t go into too much detail but essentially they said as soon as they went in, the guys locked the doors and literally whipped out their penises trying to get them to have sex with them.

If I wouldn’t have been the one to demand their whereabouts some bad things could have happened to Chelsea and Lauren.

Thinking back I should’ve went with my gut. Even pulling into the drive way feeling extremely uncomfortable should’ve been enough to be say let’s go home.

Things could’ve really went left that night and it was very possible that us three young naive girls could have been raped by all those men. In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t allow my friends to go to that “party” alone.

If you’re in college make sure you’re making smart decisions and always trust your gut. Travel in packs and be aware of your surroundings. NEVER put yourself in a situation that could go wrong and if you end up there unintentionally, get out!

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