Fashion gurus tend to know the do’s and don’ts of the fashion world and true fashion gurus will let you in on some important basic tips that will help you with every outfit you have to pick out. Here are 4 simple things you should remember when developing your personal style:

1. Show a little skin but be balanced

Keep your outfit balanced. This means if you are going to wear a mini skirt, wear a full top or blazer with it. If you are going to wear a crop top, make sure the bottom half of your body is covered with cute jeans or a long skirt.

Leaving a little mystery never hurt anyone and does more for your outfit than you can imagine.

2. Mixing patterns is OK!

Flashy, I know…but some patterns actually look great together. Cheetah print or leopard print can be mixed with almost everything. Polka dots and stripes together? It can happen. You cannot be afraid to try it. You’d be surprised at what you find works.

3. “All Purpose” pieces are life savers

These types of items have to ALWAYS be on deck. If you are invited out, and you don’t know where you are going, these outfits will save you.

An example of an “all purpose” outfit would be a cute pair of non-denim jeans or a basic white top that can be decorated with accessories.

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4. Always stick to your own unique style.

There is something about you that you bring to the fashion world, I am sure of it. It is what makes you…you. If you like loud colors, don’t be afraid to wear them.

If you like fish net stockings, throw those bad puppies on! If you like shorts wear them! If you like mixed prints and hats, find ways to incorporate your style.

The point is, stick to your own personal style and play it up in creative ways.

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