Getting exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. It is known to improve your overall health and reduce the risk of developing several serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

There are very few who actually enjoy the idea of working out. But what if I told you that you could be among that group? All you have to do is learn to incorporate fun unique fitness classes into your routine.

Here are 6 classes that you may have not tried or even heard of which can help making working out more enjoyable!

1. Soul Cycle

If you haven’t heard of soul cycle you must be living under a rock. Videos of the classes have been shared all over the internet but have you actually tried it?!

Soul cycle is so much more than your average spin class. This indoor cycling fitness class incorporates up beat hip hop music and gives you a full body workout, including your arms which most spin classes don’t provide.

The idea is to provide fat burning cardio with the use of hand weights for your upper body and choreography for your core to get a serious workout while having fun in 45 minutes!

2. Aerial Silks

Aerial silks classes are one of my favorite types of workouts because you ultimately feel like one of those people in the Cirque du Soleil!

The class incorporates the use of thick silk fabrics hanging from the ceiling to use for different acrobatic poses. As a sister sport to yoga, the fabric is used to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of various positions resulting in a tremendous workout for your core, arms and legs.

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You may ask, but what if I’m not flexible or strong? That’s the purpose of it! To build strength and flexibility within your body.

Studios offer many beginner classes for newbies with an instructor to lead and guide you through the whole practice.

3. Boxing

Stressed because of work or something in your personal life? Relieve that stress by taking it out on a boxing bag.

Boxing is an incredible cardio workout that also allows you to gain skills that can help with self defense. It’s not just for guys!

Many gyms are incorporating boxing classes into the range of classes they offer.

There are also many clubs, such as Title Boxing, that specialize in boxing and kickboxing that will teach you how to wrap your hands, work the bag, and master moves that will transform your body. Not to mention P.A.D.S which is an awesome boxing and circuit training class! (see video)

4. African Dance Class

Africa is the source of so many great things! Good food as well as high-spirited dance styles.

We all know that dance classes are the ultimate way to burn some calories while have fun! Have you considered African Dance?

There are so many different types of traditional African dance, one of my favorites being West African.

The classes offer a high-powered rhythmic dance experience to the beat of live drumming. By the end of the class you have broken into a sweat, burned some calories and feel amazing!

5. Aqua Zumba

Both zumba and water aerobics are well accepted fitness classes and have been completed by many across the country. The two basis for these classes have merged to create a new workout experience called Aqua Zumba!

It is commonly referred to the “pool party workout” for all ages.

The idea is to get an intense yet effective cardio and total body workout. Because of the natural resistance the water provides, it serves as one of the best fitness tools by making each move more challenging, toning your muscles while burning fat fast.

Water workouts are also good for individuals struggling with muscle or joint pain because it offers some support for your weight making it a less-impact workout.

6. Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a new type of fitness class that is growing across the country. It incorporates the use of a ballet barre to tone your body.

The classes are 55 minutes in length focusing on isometric movements. The class begins with arm workouts in the the center of the room using light weights for resistance. You will then move to the barre for seat and thigh workouts. This is then followed by ab work and a cool down.

Although the flow of the class remains constant, you will always be doing different workouts so no two classes are the same.

You will leave with a more strengthened and flexible body and anyone can participate in the class as long as you can hold onto the barre!

So there you have it. 6 fun and unique types of workout classes that you should definitely consider trying. Working out shouldn’t be a hard task. Try one of these at your local gym and work towards a healthier you.

What’s your favorite way of incorporating exercise into your lifestyle?



Read this post for 6 unique fitness classes that are great workouts like Boxing, Zumba, African Dance Class, and More!

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