Fun Fact: I used to model for a small modeling troupe as a hobby. It was fun to walk the runway, do creative shows, and occasionally pose as mannequins for some of my favorite retailers.

While I didn’t get paid for any of the gigs, I did receive a lot of exposure and occasionally got freebies.

One time my troupe took an assignment one Saturday to model the clothing at the store Wet Seal. We were instructed to stand on the platforms in front of the store and serve as live mannequins.

The store was positioned in the lower level center of the mall, right at the food court. EVERYONE flocked to the mall on the weekends and this was a high traffic area, so we received lots of attention there.

I had gotten styled in this nice tube top with leggings, heels and accessories to match. I felt beautiful and everyone passing through the mall took note.

One of the major rules for modeling as a mannequin is to not “lock your knees”. This occurs when you put them in full extension so that your legs are completely straight. When you do this you lose blood flow to the brain because of the femoral artery (one of the major arteries) getting cut off. Resulting in you passing out.

Unfortunately this happened to one of the models positioned on a platform right next to me. I saw her swaying and whispered discreetly through slightly parted lips, “are you okay?”

When she didn’t respond I turned my head to look and she immediately started falling. I broke my stance to catch her fall off the platform and she grabbed onto my top. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion as she pulled my shirt completely down as I helped her fall to the floor. My boobs were out like HELLO GOOD MORNING!

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There were numerous amounts of gasps both from the shock of the fall as well as me flashing the entire mall during the middle of a Saturday afternoon like it was Mardi Gras.

So much embarrassment and I can’t even say for sure what happened afterwards. All I know is that we both were helped to the back stock room and our assignment was done for that day.

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