I take Empire for what it is, there is no need to dissect it and feel slighted by anything that only a few might call negative, it is a messy soap opera and sometimes a girl likes to sit down with a glass of something red and enjoy it.

Every character serves a purpose and they are by no means perfect which is what makes them likeable.

There way more instances that are not stereotypical that we should be intrigued by like the fact that Gabby Sidibe is not the usual receptionist that you would expect. She isn’t some cute bombshell blondie with no compassion or interest in her boss, she is flawed and loved.

What about Cookie coming from the trap but had an Empire waiting for her that she built from scratch, dirty or not.

Or the white wife that is calling the shots instead of the white wife that the black guy can boss around.

Or the gay brother who is tougher than nails and his not so gay brother who loves him. Or the fact that Terrence Howard is clearly in love with his flawed loud mouth ex-wife and no matter what happens we know they have some real history and an awesome love story we cant wait to see play out.

We do not want to see perfect black people, or a black woman pushed into a stereotypical box. Lee Daniels nailed it, Empire is what it is, and that is, very entertaining!

Featured image: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com