You wouldn’t think that slurping on tea as you worked out could give you the same benefits of Gatorade and Powerade.

But not only does Rooibos, also known as redbush tea, help you get through your exercises, it also provides you with a host of other health benefits.

It is a natural tea that is taking the fitness industry by storm. If you’re into healthy sports drinks, then you have likely already heard of this ingredient being added to various mixes or even being used straight up.

If you’re consistently or inconsistently working out, then you should definitely check out rooibos tea — and no, you don’t have to drink it hot like a tea.

You can make it like a juice, similar to Tang or Kool-Aid, or even the traditional ice tea but 100x healthier. First, let’s go into why you should ditch your Gatorade and Powerade drinks to Rooibos tea.

Gatorade and Powerade are simple unhealthy

When you go into the ingredients that are inside of these popular sports drinks, you can’t help but notice a bunch of red flags.

They are made with liquid sugars like HFCS, fructose and glucose, chemical artificial coloring like red#40, citric acid and emulsifiers like brominated vegetable oil.

This is a mix for disaster — your insides are crying out for nutrition and instead it’s being poisoned with ingredients like these.

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This is no good for a body that’s being thrown into fitness mode, which requires additional nutrients to repair and become stronger. When you neglect your body in this fashion, it’s bound to start breaking down.

So what’s so great about Rooibos?

For one, it’s a product of nature, not man. And anything edible that comes from nature is bound to be very healthful to our bodies. Heck, that’s why it was designed in the first place — to bio-compatible with our genetic makeup.

A little background information — Rooibos is a powder extract that comes from the Aspalatus linearis plant, which is found consistently growing in South Africa (isn’t the Mother Land great?), and it doesn’t contain any caffeine.

For those of you who already know — caffeine is something you want to avoid for a variety of reasons. However, the taste of Rooibos is like a herbal tea and can even be compared to those unhealthy, yet popular sports drinks.

All you have to do is mix the powder with some water and add a bit of natural sweetener and you have yourself a qualified sports drink.

Then there are the health benefits that it comes with, such as having phytonutrients like Luteolin, Quercetin, Catechin, Hyperoside, Rutin, Isovitexin, Vitexin, Orientin, Isoqurecetin, Isoorientin and Aspalathin.

You can Google these individually to learn more about why they matter to your health. It is also packed with flavonoids.

Quench your thirst and stay hydrated naturally

With plant-based nutrients like these, which can’t be found in any commercial sports drink, you are able to quench your thirst just as great as, if not better than, those popular sports drinks.

It keeps you hydrated, which is highly important when you’re working out. Just think of it this way — if you didn’t have to drink as much during your exercise routines, you won’t feel as bloated and you wouldn’t have to take as many water breaks (or Gatorade breaks).

And this isn’t something that monks in the high mountains are using — it’s becoming a popular choice for professional football teams and fitness enthusiasts. It’s undeniably a performance-enhancing sports tea.

Make sure to buy quality Rooibos

As always, there are brands out there that are combining unnatural, unhealthy ingredients with this wonderful tea, so you have to watch out.

You should avoid purchasing Rooibos tea that is cut with fillers like lecithin and maltodextrin. Your best option is to go with pure Rooibos that has absolutely no fillers, sweeteners or additives.

Then you want to make sure that the product you purchase isn’t irradiated (thanks to Fukushima). There are a lot of states in the U.S. that aren’t regulating the radiation levels of the Rooibos imports. Make sure the company you buy from states that they test their Rooibos for radiation.

Also, you want to go with a brand that is organic. You don’t want any synthetic chemicals or pesticides inside of your tea. One place that’s recommended is

Drinking Your Rooibos Tea

Once you’ve purchased your quality Rooibos tea, you’ll find that you don’t need much to make your sports drink.

It only takes a small amount to get the red delicious beverage that you will learn to love. You can either mix it with water or almond milk for a milk tea. Some sweeteners you can use include 100% pure maple syrup, maple sugar, coconut sugar or honey.

Have you ever tried an herbal sports drink for your workouts? Do you think Rooibos tea would be a great addition to your exercise routine? If so comment below!



Read this post about the benefits of Rooibos tea, throw out the Gatorade and Powerade and get your energy from all natural sources

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