Besides being pregnant there are some reasons that you could have missed Aunt Flow. And sure! It happens to the best of us. The textbooks say that cycles are an average of 28 days. For most women, normal cycles range from 21 to 35 days for 3-7 days.

It literally runs like clock work, month after month. So when your period doesn’t come when you think it is suppose to, that raises many questions, anxiety, and fear.

Now of course, you can go right for the pregnancy test to check if you are pregnant. But before you pay for that stick, check out 6 possible reasons why your period could be late.


Any big event can cause lots of pressure and anxiety that can have great effect on your body (especially your nervous system).
Your body will literally go into combat mode to help fix the issue. Your cycle is regulated by the balance of your hormones. So check why you could be stressed out to put your body back into balance.

Change in your schedule

Any changes in your schedule can affect your body. Changes can throw off your body so much so that it starts to affect your cycle.

For example, if you are used to working days then all of a sudden your schedules changes to nights, you will do things differently. For example catching up on sleep for those new work days can affect your cycle until things settle down.

Birth control

Most women welcome this side-effect of taking birth control and other medicated pills. Your period is not necessarily late, but could to light to you not having one at all.

This can vary by each type of birth control method.

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You are still going through the cycle, but your flow just doesn’t come. This usually takes place after month to three months for your body to take to the birth control and other medicated pills.

Once it does, it can cause your hormones and cycles to act differently. If you stop your pills, it can take a few months to a year for your cycle to resume to show.

Unhealthy diet

It is important to have good eating habits and a healthy diet to keep the body regulated normally and just in good health.

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia can cause irregular periods. If you are not getting enough nutrients daily or you are binging and purging that can confuse your body and disrupt the cycle.

Start with these 6 simple steps to a healthier diet.

Exercising excessively

Light to no period are very common in athletes. To maintain the cycle while being healthy, the body needs a certain amount of calories, protein and body fat.

You don’t want to drain your body of so much to where your body has nothing left to produce. So make sure you are getting enough water to hydrate your body and lots of protein to keep your energy and body regulated.

Miscalculated the cycle

This definitely happens to the best of us if we don’t keep a regular calendar. Sometimes we even keep a calendar and happen to mark the wrong date.

Textbooks normally says that menstrual cycle is 28 days, but that varies from woman to woman. Some are 21 and others are 35 days. So just count the days in between for at least 3 months to have an average day for you.

How to cope if your period is late

So you are a week late? Don’t stress out! That can really affect your body and your nervous system into combat mode.

Just stay calm and determine the reasoning why you could be late. Take a pregnancy test if you have ruled out everything that could cause a missed period.

If that one is negative and you still have not had your cycle, take another one in the next week to be sure that you are not pregnant.

If your cycle still has not come, contact your healthcare provider and set an appointment if you fear anything health wise.

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