There comes a time in a girls life when she just gets tired of filling in that one patch on her eyebrows that just does not seem to want to grow any hair at all.

If you were like any typical teenager or even if one day you got a bit over zealous while plucking there could be a chance that you permanently damaged certain areas on your brows.

Permanent is a strong word though because there is one DIY eyebrow regrowth solution you could try. Recently I visited a brow bar and they had a serum that they used on the thin eyebrows of their clients to help them get their eyebrows back.

When I checked it out, it was so simple anyone and everyone who have sparse thin eyebrows should be trying it.

DIY: Try this 3 Ingredient Serum to Fix Thinning or Thin Eyebrows 1

Here is what you need for DIY Thin Eyebrow Growth Serum:

Eyebrow Regrowth Serum Application Instructions:

Mix equal parts of each oil in a container then apply the mix to your brow using the q-tip or your finger. I prefer a Qtip because you can be more precise with your application.

It is important that you focus on the areas that are the most thin or patchy. Once you are done applying the mix, leave it on all night long until it is time to do your usual morning routine.

You will have to get into the habit of adding the mix to your brows for a few months before seeing the results because getting stubborn patches to disappear does not happen over night.

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Even though most of us hate waiting, many of the people who actually make the serum have reported that they have seen vast improvement in their brows so it is well worth the wait.

By the way it also helps to not pluck so much while you are treating your eyebrows, so put the tweezers away for awhile and wait for the magic to happen.

Other methods that you can try are castor oil for eyebrow regrowthapply henna to your eyebrows or checkout this helpful eyebrow makeup tutorial.


DIY: Try this 3 Ingredient Serum to Fix Thinning or Thin Eyebrows


Thin Eyebrows got your down? Try this simple 3 ingredient serum to fix thinning or thin eyebrows to boost eyebrow regrowth with a quick and easy diy eyebrow serum recipe.

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