Taking time for yourself after a rough day is an absolute must these days. We love the idea of a DIY spa tray, something you can make at home yourself in preparation for the best pampering you can give to yourself. Here is what you will need:

1. DIY Hair Mask For your hair:

DIY Hair Mask – Coconut Milk and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Choose this one or one of my other 5 favorite DIY hair masks.

2. DIY Mask for your Face

manuka honey face mask

– 1 tsp Turmeric Powder

– 2 tsp Organic Manuka Honey OR  2 tsp Organic Raw Honey

If you have a couple of hours why not create something for your hair to keep it healthy. Create a simple deep treatment that you can leave on your hair while you soak in a bath and wait for your face mask to set.

The treatment in this video, is warm coconut milk with some olive oil, very simple very healthy and dare I say very therapeutic.

I Use This Product EVERY Week! 

To my gyals, clay has cured my skin of years of acne proned skin, improved my complexion, acne scars and shrunk my pores. This is the best clay mask assortment pack to try all  my favorite kinds of clay + it's affordable. 

The face mask is pretty simple too, because all you are doing in enhancing one that you already have. In this case Bri used the Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask, which is an awesome mask by itself but with turmeric and honey added it is aaaaamaaazing.

The cucumber slices when chilled keep your eyes looking fresh, removes dark circles and are the oldest trick in the book for an anti stressful remedy.  If you want opt for a refreshing face mask, use one of these 8 cucumber face mask recipes.

Finally prepare a long bath with your favorite bubble bath and oils of choice. Shea moisture has some awesome picks for shea body oils which are my personal favorite.

Do something fun once you are all clean and hair washed. Paint your nails, read a book, listen to music whatever makes you calm and helps you to forget the stress of the day.

I would add that it helps to turn off your phone, just call whoever you need to call prior to getting home and let them know you will be out of pocket for at least 2 hours.  Here’s 4 clay masks for acne skin or a couple other 4 DIY facial recipes.

Check out Bri’s anti stress video and see how you can create your own spa tray:

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