The best form of medicine is prevention, and with these 10 cancer-fighting ingredients, you can do that all-year round! What have you been doing to keep yourself cancer-free?  The good news is there are options through a healthy diet and vitamin dense foods.  Incorporating more of these foods into your daily lifestyle will not only help you keep cancerous cells at bay but also keep your health at it’s best.

Here’s what you should be adding to your daily meals to help keep cancerous cells at bay:

1. Berries

Berries, especially the dark ones. These sweet and juicy treats are my favorite addition to my fruit smoothies! They are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. There are powerful antifungal agents that increase immunity. These go great in your morning smoothies so add as many Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Cherries as you can. Here is a few smoothy recipes we love


2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants and help protect your cells from damage.   This is especially great for men, since it helps prevent prostate cancer.   Tomatoes are actually a fruit, not a vegetable, technically they are considered a berry.  Which would make sense for why it’s so antioxidant dense.  They are also one of the best sources of the phytonutrient lycopene in the world.  The phyto-nutrient lycopene has been found in multiple research papers to stall the effects of cancerous tumor growth. Tomatoes are also high in Vitamins A, C, and E which all combat cancer friendly free radicals.

Not because of it’s nutrients, but due to it’s wonderful taste and versatility, the tomato is on the most consumed vegetables nationwide.  The versatility of the tomato makes it so easy to throw tomatoes in soups, salads, a delicious thick pasta sauce or simple sprinkled with some salt and pepper.  Tomatoes are best consumed in the raw form, and if you must grab them from a tin, make sure it’s BPA free tomatoes.

3. Lettuce

Lettuce, especially Romaine and Spinach need to be added to your cancer fighting diet. According to the Journal of American Dietic Association can lower your personal risk of cancer and have many other benefits. These include reducing your risk of heart attacks, protecting your bones, and help keep you healthy. Make sure to power up your day with plenty of leafy greens that also taste great in shakes.

4. Cabbage

Cabbage tastes good on your plate, but you can get more of it down by adding them in your smoothies. This will give you a immune system boost to combat free radicals and cell damage.  The benefits of cabbage have been utilized in medicine for thousands of years but is now known for its very high anti-oxidants and is one of the top-rated Cancer Fighting Foods on our list today.

Green Tea Ice Cubes

5. Green Tea

Green tea, among others, are known for having antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and eliminate cell-damaging free radicals.  Why?  Green tea contains a substance called Polyphenols, which research has been found to inhibit the enzyme required for cell growth.  It’s considered to be substantial more potent than Vitamin E or C.  There is speculation that there low cancer rates in Asia are actually due to the high consumption of green tea in that region.

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6. Spelt

Some researchers have said that whole grain may be more important than both fruit and vegetables in the fight against cancer. With this we recommend Spelt flour as it is similar to wheat but is much gentler on the stomach. It will give you the total benefit of many natural plant compounds and is why it is a cancer fighting food. Spelt Flour is similar to wheat but is much gentler on the stomach. Whole grains, rather than refined grains, give you the total benefit of many natural plant compounds that can lower your risk of cancer.


7. Turmeric

Turmeric can be added to your favorite dishes (think curry) or added to your smoothies. A little goes a long way!  You might think of Turmeric as only a ground spice, it’s raw form is a root vegetable that looks very similar to Ginger.  Here’s my favorite 10 turmeric recipes for how to incorporate turmeric into my diet, simply.

But the benefits of Turmeric are really quite powerful both topically and ingested.  I apply a turmeric facial mask for acne treatment weekly. Turmeric contains a nutrient called Curcumin.  Curcumin has been linked to best reducing the growth of cells with breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer cell.  The largest benefit of Turmeric is that it’s anti-inflammatory and is also high in antioxidants.  Not only does this wonder spice aid in prevention of cancerous cells but there are an abundance of other benefits!  I put together a list of 10 benefits of turmeric that will amazing you.

8. Kale

Most leafy vegetables are not only good for you, but also contain antioxidants and cancer fighting agents. Kale is known for limiting the growth of certain types of cancer cells and also referred to as a super food. This is because it is nutrients dense and is. It contains ethyl cysteine sulfoxides and  glucosinolates, which are 2 of the most important compounds in supporting health. If Kale is not already on your shopping list, it will be after reading this!

Red Wine and Cancer Prevention

9. Wine

A glass of wine anyone? Research shows that grape skins contain resveratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant. It is known to prevent certain cancer cell growth and can reduce risk of prostate cancer.  But the biggest reason for the link between alcohol and cancer prevention is because alcohol disrupts your genes, and with excessive alcohol consumption can leave your cells damaged.  The resveratrol in wine actually ills the damaged cells, so that those cells can’t go on to cause cancer.   Seems backyards right?  Drinking too much achocol damages your cells so drink more to kill them?  But yes you read that correct. Heavy consumption of alcohol is never recommended and can increase your risk of cancer.  Other studies also suggest that a glass of wine may even lower your risk of heart disease.  Reduction of risk of cancer has not yet been proven but there are studies that suggest it.  If you must, drink red not white.

10. Chili Peppers

There has been many new studies on chili pepper’s and their ability to fight off cancer cells in many cancer affected organs.  It was found to interferer with the protein synthesis of the transcription of cancerous cells. If you can stand it, add jalapenos and chili peppers to your chili, stews and dips.


Even though there are no guaranteed cures for cancer, the advancement in treatments and new ways or prevention is giving us hope. Diet and exercise is key, as well to eat as many of these super foods as possible.  Try balancing out all of these foods into your daily diet, so you can have a super cancer-fighting regimen!

10 Cancer Fighting Foods And Drinks


The best form of medicine is prevention, and with these 10 cancer-fighting ingredients, you can do that all-year round!

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