CBD is a cannabis-based compound, also known as cannabidiol. It’s actually one of the hundreds of other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids exhibit certain health benefits, which is why scientists talk about the medical grade of cannabis these days. However, CBD and another cannabinoid called THC are found in higher concentrations in cannabis.

CBD oil for epilepsy


As already discussed, CBD and THC are the two major compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. However, both are not the same or all good. THC is that compound in cannabis that has psychoactive properties. This means it’s capable of causing a ‘high’ feeling, addiction, and other psychoactive effects. CBD is free of such properties. This is why when people look for cannabis products for medical reasons, they look for products that do not contain THC.

Industrial hemp plants are a species of cannabis that contains only traces of THC. Thus, medical-grade CBD is mostly extracted from the hemp plant so that sellers and manufacturers can ensure there is no THC in the product. Furthermore, legally regulated CBD products should contain less than 0.3% of THC. CBD cancels the effects of THC, which is why this amount has been specified as a harmless quantity.

When buying Charlotte’s Web CBD or any other CBD product for that matter for a health condition, make sure that you go through the lab reports and only buy a product that either does not contain any amount of THC or only permissible amounts. While THC also offers health benefits, it’s accompanied by unneeded properties and effects that interfere with the health benefits.


Today, people are raving about CBD and how, for so many people, it has been acting as a life-changer. CBD has many health benefits, and it helps people in dire need of it. More than half of the population experiences pain in joints from arthritis or even other forms of pains associated with different conditions as they grow older. CBD can significantly help in reducing chronic pain. It also acts on inflammation and reduces it. This is helpful because people experience pain when there is inflammation.

Besides inflammation and pain, CBD also helps in various conditions like anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and can also exhibit acne healing and preventive properties. This is why, these days, you might even come across cosmetic and skincare products that contain hemp extracts. Thus, all of these properties and health benefits have greatly increased the demand and popularity of CBD and CBD related products on the market.  

While so many health benefits have been researched and are evidence-based, there are even more benefits that are still being researched. There are chances that CBD can help people who suffer from cancer.  CBD may have properties that help in preventing the growth of cancer cells. If not that, CBD anyway helps in dealing with the pain associated with cancer and chemotherapy.  Adding these cancer-fighting foods to your diet can reduce the potential risks of cancer.   

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We have discussed many health benefits of CBD. But one health-related area where CBD has been consistently researched and is proving to be incredibly effective is in the management of epilepsy. For ages, epilepsy has been viewed as a hopeless condition. Patients who suffer from epilepsy develop symptoms that are hard to treat. However, amid increased hopelessness, CBD might actually be a ray of hope, and that too a bright one.

So, what exactly does CBD do for patients suffering from epilepsy? Epilepsy is characterized by seizures and spasms that not only cause discomfort and disrupt daily functioning but also cause muscle aches. CBD helps in reducing the frequency of seizures and also reduces pain associated with the condition.

For a long time, people normally used over-the-counter CBD products to deal with epilepsy, pretty much like they would try to treat or manage other conditions. However, one good news for people suffering from epilepsy is that now, there is a medicine that is made from CBD that has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This drug is called Epidiolex. This medicine is giving people suffering from epilepsy some hope that they can manage their problem.


What’s more is that- CBD can even be used for pets, like dogs and cats. If your pet suffers from epilepsy, you can even expect CBD to work for your pet in the management of epileptic symptoms. CBD can also be used for children who suffer from epilepsy. However, when you buy a CBD product for your pet, child, or even yourself, make sure you only buy a quality product. Read the label of the product and find out if the CBD product has been made for epilepsy. Furthermore, ask the seller for reports that prove that the CBD product is actually effective for the health condition.

CBD products are only effective when they are of good-quality. Many manufacturers leave no chance of adulteration in their products. Thus, there are chances that you would come across CBD products that contain CBD extracted from hemp grown in bad conditions. Certain CBD products may also contain contaminants or more than permissible amounts of THC. However, you can always ensure that you’re using a quality product by thoroughly checking the lab reports from accredited third-party labs.


When using CBD for epilepsy, make sure you use the product in controlled doses. Doses play a significant role in effectiveness. Whether you administer too much CBD oil or too less than what is required, you wouldn’t witness favorable outcomes. Since every person is differently sensitive to CBD, every person would require a different amount of CBD for it to have an effect. This is why see for yourself how much CBD you need.

Generally, you only need small amounts of CBD for managing epilepsy. However, talk to a health professional and seek professional advice about usage, dosing, and administration of CBD for treating or managing epilepsy.

Remember, a healthy diet, integrating alkaline water into your diet, and fitness are all basic guidelines to follow everyday for overall health.  

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