Losing weight is the dream of a lot of people, but in modern society, doing so requires monumental time and effort (which many of us simply can’t spare).

There are diets that will produce results, provided that you stick to the plan.  Some of the popular and effective diets are:

That said, all these diets require research and dedication.

So, to make things easier, here are 7 unconventional ways to lose weight that don’t require too much effort but are still effective.

1. Minimize your time in the kitchen

The modern kitchen might have fancy stuff like a TV and a computer, which might make you spend more time in the kitchen than you normally would.

However, the more time you spend in the kitchen, the higher the chances that you’ll eat more. Don’t give yourself the temptation: only stay in the kitchen when you have to.

2. Read fitness emails

If you’ve subscribed to dieting blogs, don’t forget to read their emails, which are often daily. If you frequently read them, you’re more likely to increase your intake of fresh produce and exercise more.

Follow these inspirational fit girls on instagram.  Or get inspired by these 4 women who have met their weight loss goals.

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3. Eat strong-smelling food

Research published in Flavor journal has found that foods with strong aromas make you take smaller bite sizes.

Smaller bite sizes make you feel fuller faster, and you could lower how much you eat by as much as 10%. So, don’t shy away from those spicy foods and garlic.

4. Don’t feel guilty

After you eat something decidedly unhealthy (like a concoction of pizza, ice cream and chocolate), don’t beat yourself up. Everyone who diets slips up once in a while; it’s normal.

Feeling guilty won’t help you. In fact, guilt might make you feel even worse, and your chances of binging again will increase.

5. Stay Quiet

Don’t tell anyone you’re trying to lose weight. There are people who will deliberately try to derail you by having something tasty and unhealthy whenever they are around you.

Others might keep pestering you, asking about the progress you’ve made. The less you think you’re trying to lose weight, the better.

A little progress each day adds up to BIG results!

6. No food Scrolling!

Keep away from recipes that make you feel like you can eat an elephant. And stay away from channels, books and websites with mouth-watering images or videos of foods. You’ll get a craving for something unhealthy, and you’ll have to satiate it.

7. Eat off small plates and drink from small cups

If you use a large mug or plate, you’re likely to have it filled–or something close to it. If, for instance, you’re serving ice cream to a large bowl, you’ll serve yourself more than someone with a normal-sized bowl. If you use a small bowl, you’ll obviously take even less, even if you fill it to the brim.

Try these 7 weird ways to lose weight and combine it with these 5 natural ways to lose weight.


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